Academic Division of Sports and Health
School of Education
(Normal School for Physical Education)
School of Psychology
School of Sport Science School of Sport Medicine and Physical Therapy
School of Strength and Conditioning China Wushu School
(Research Institute of Traditional Chinese Sports)
School of Leisure Sports and Tourism
Academic Division of Humanities and Social Sciences
School of Marxism School of Management
Business School of Sports School of Journalism and Communication
School of International Sports Organizations
(Foreign Languages School)
School of Art
School of Humanities School of Continuing Education
(Training School of Winter Olympic Sports)
Academic Division of Olympic Sports
China Football College
(China Rugby College)
(China Football Coaching College)
China Basketball College
China Volleyball College China Ice Sports College
(China Ice Hockey College)
China Swimming College China Athletics College
Sports Coaching College BSU Secondary Sports School
Academic Division of Sports Engineering
School of Sports Engineering