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School of Sport Science

The School of Sport Science was founded in 1958 as the Department of Sports Theory, one of the earliest departments of Beijing Sport University (BSU) and was renamed School of Sport Science in 2002. Now it has such five discipline orientations as Sport Anatomy, Sport Physiology, Sport Biochemistry, Sport Biomechanics and Physique & Health. In 2002, Sport Science was approved as a national key discipline by Ministry of Education and was the one and only national key discipline in the field of China’s sport science at that time. Later in 2008, this major was chosen as a municipal characteristic major of Beijing and approved as a “national first-class major” by Ministry of Education in 2019. In the field of China’s sport science, the School was the earliest to establish the undergraduate program, the earliest to obtain the conferring right for master and doctor degrees as well as the earliest to establish the post-doctoral program and it also cultivated China’s first master, doctor and post-doctor in sport science. The School has always adhered to the school-running philosophy of “talent cultivation-oriented, morality-first, discipline-based and teaching & research complementing each other” and BSU’s motto of “Pursuing Excellence” and the School’s Motto of “Knowledge, Action, Virtue and Sports” to cultivate high-end international talents in an integrated and collaborative way.

The School has a profound deposit of culture with excellent faculty, good teaching quality and outstanding scientific and technological achievements. There are 44 full-time teachers including 20 professors and 14 associate professors. Among them, there are 20 doctoral supervisors (concurrently as master supervisors), 21 master supervisors, 2 excellent teaching teams of Beijing, 7 Beijing distinguished teachers, 4 “New Century Excellent Talents” of Ministry of Education and 6 “Excellent Middle-Young Professional and Technical Talents” of General Administration of Sport of China (GASC). Over 90% of the full-time teachers have obtained the doctoral degree. Closely relying on the development of its parent discipline Life Sciences and combining international frontier ideas and achievements, the School is active in competitive sports and the building of Health China and keeps strengthening professional building and talent cultivation. A number of famous scholars in domestic sport physiology, sport biochemistry, sport nutrition, sport biomechanics and physique & health research have sprung up. The rate of undergraduates passing the postgraduate entrance exams of the School and the proportion of undergraduates studying in famous universities abroad also ranks top in BSU. Graduates from the School are active in the forefront in various fields of China’s sport science and have become a backbone force for China’s sport science research and application.

Research fields cover a wide range and involve multiple orientations of sport science, such as the movement principle, morphology & function, strength training and damage mechanism of skeletal muscle; exercise and functional regulation of cardiac and cerebral vessels; neuro-endocrine mechanism of movement; diagnosis and optimization of structure of skilled movements; physical exercise monitoring, sport nutrition and altitude training; scientific talent identification of athletes; detection of simulants; biomechanics of exercise skills, sport injury and sports equipment; physique and health evaluation, health promotion, sport risk assessment and fitness guidance; R&D of sports equipment and APPs, etc. Teachers of the School provide technical breakthrough and research service for national teams of multiple sport events and have hosted and participated in the preparation of national fitness standards and guidelines for National Standard for Physical Training and National Student Physical Health Standard. They have also undertaken multiple national scientific research tasks such as National Natural Science Foundation of China and National Science and Technology Support Program and their research achievements have won national and provincial (ministerial) awards such as National Science and Technology Progress Award Second Award.

The School pays high attention to students’ international-level cultivation and has maintained close intercollegiate exchange and cooperation with famous universities and colleges in the United States, Canada, the UK and New Zealand. Each year, some excellent undergraduates, postgraduates and doctoral students will be elected to study abroad for half to two years. And there are also international cooperative talent cultivation programs such as “1+2+1” and “2+2” bachelor’s degree with double majors and “1+1+1” master’s degree with double majors that cover a wide range.

The School has finished revising the new cultivation programs for undergraduates, postgraduates and doctoral students and both the cultivation goals and standards have been comprehensively improved. Emphasis has been laid on high-quality research-based tip-top personnel who are going to be engaged in teaching and research work in fields related to sports or those who plan for further study.

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