BSU began offering postgraduate education since 1953. It is the first and highest institution of higher learning in China to cultivate postgraduates in sports, the first university in China’s sport system to confer the doctoral degrees and among the first universities to confer master degrees, as well as the earliest university approved by Office of the State Council Academic Degrees Committee to enroll doctoral and postgraduate students overseas. Admission and Employment Office is mainly in charge of postgraduate admission.

BSU began enrolling postgraduates since 1953 and enrolled for 13 consecutive years by 1965, which was suspended by the Cultural Revolution and resumed in 1978. It began enrolling and cultivating doctoral students since 1987. Over the years, under the care and leadership of Ministry of Education, Office of the State Council Academic Degrees Committee , Beijing Municipal Education Commission and General Administration of Sport of China (GASC), BSU has continuously deepened reform in postgraduate education by adjusting the structure of majors and expanding the scale to improve teaching quality. While cultivating high-end sports talents in China, the Admission and Employment Office has also gradually expanded enrollment of international students and students from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan.

BSU is equipped with a strong faculty, a complete range of disciplines and a high academic level, which is attractive to domestic and foreign outstanding sports talents. It has the authorization to confer doctorate degrees in physical education and the authorization to confer master degree for the following First Class Disciplines: Theory of Marxism, education science, psychology, clinical medicine and public management. We also offer master degree programs for sports and journalism and communications; and we have a center for post-doctoral studies in physical education. Mr. He Zhenliang, former president of Chinese Olympic Committee, used to serve as a doctoral supervisor in BSU.

Postgraduate enrollment types include: postgraduate students studying for a master degree (recommended fresh graduates with a bachelor degree, postgraduates in projects for the cultivation of high-level talents from ethnic minority groups and the Champion Class in Graduate School), doctoral students (including doctoral students in projects for the cultivation of high-level talents from ethnic minority groups), domestic senior visiting scholars (including general visiting scholars and young backbone teacher visiting scholars), postgraduate and doctoral student enrollment from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan and postgraduate and doctoral student enrollment of international students.

Recommended students mainly include BSU recommended students and non-BSU recommended students. Recommended students can apply for an academic degree or the major (research direction) under a professional degree according to their major in undergraduate education. In principle, the major (research direction) of recommended students must be consistent with their major (specialty) in undergraduate education.

BSU’s Postgraduate Champion Class is the forerunner, demonstrator and leader of reform in high-level competitive sports talent cultivation, a brand training project that in line with the new situation and new requirements of turning China into a strong country in sports and education and promoting the “Healthy China” campaign in the new era.  Since establishment, the Champion Class has received the care and help GASC, Ministry of Education and other superior departments. On June 18, 2019, General Secretary Xi Jinping wrote back to students of BSU’s 2016 Champion Class, encouraging them to make more contributions to building China into a leading sporting nation and bring more positive energy to Chinese society. Following the important spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s reply, guided by the strategic needs for high-level talents in national sports field, and aimed at training competitive sports elites in the new era, BSU has continuously deepened reform in training mode of the Champion Class and met the deeds for career development of outstanding athletes and coaches with diversified and individualized training modes. As a result, it has formed the new ideas, new standards and new modes for the training of the Champion Class to help Chinese athletes embark on a new journey and make greater contributions to the development of the country and society.

Selection of doctoral students for the academic degree of BSU adopts two ways, namely public admission and “application-assessment”. BSU enrolls students according to their research directions (i.e., the best ones of the candidates of the same research direction will enter into the second round of examination according to their scores in preliminary examination and admitted by their total score according to the enrollment plan of the research direction). Candidates can select their supervisors when registering for examination and supervisors will be finally determined after the candidates are nominated for admission.

Currently, BSU is actively carrying out teaching reform and bold innovation based on the needs of social development in the 21st century. Aimed at building an international first-class university and centered on talent cultivation, BSU is comprehensively improving the school-running quality and efficiency and striving to become a domestic leading and international advanced sport university.

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