President's Mailbox

President's Mailbox

Dear mailers,

Thank you for your care, support and help for Beijing Sport University. For the purpose of speeding up information communication and feedbacks, improving our work efficiency and making better use of the “President’s Mailbox”, please note the following points while using it:

1. This mailbox is used only for accepting suggestions and opinions on BSU’s relevant work or reporting facts instead of as a channel to handle specific work. Your opinions and suggestions on any problems in BSU’s development and construction are welcome.

2. The content of your letter shall comply with the laws and regulations of the People’s Republic of China and be objective and authentic.

3. It is suggested that you detail as much as possible the problem(s) you are going to report and leave your real name and contact way for timely handling. We will keep confidential your identity.

4. We will carefully treat and handle the valid mails and give feedbacks timely in an appropriate manner.

Thank you again for your strong support for our work!



President's Mailbox: