Scientific Research

In terms of scientific research, Beijing Sport University (BSU) will actively promote the construction of its own scientific and technological innovation system with the guidance of the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important instructions, and deepen and improve its relationship with the bases by closely surrounding its comprehensive reform for “three transformations” (that is, transformations of BSU from traditional experience to modern technology, from focus on summer sports to comprehensive development of summer and winter sports, and from localization to internationalization) with the platform construction as the starting point, the project management as the foundation, and the capacity improvement as the method, and the perfection of policies as an guarantee, so as to serve the Olympic Games and national fitness and create a new academic card for itself.

I. The main scientific research results achieved by BSU since 2013

1. Major scientific research awards (2013-2019)

BSU has won a total of 79 various scientific research awards as the first winner since 2013, including 39 provincial, ministerial and national ones. The second prize of “National Scientific and Technological Progress Award” was won due to the project “Key Technological Breakthrough and Innovation in Swimming Training in China” led by Professor Lu Yifan, which was the seventh time when BSU won the “National Scientific and Technological Progress Award” as the leading organization.

2. Important scientific research projects (2013-2019)

BSU has completed 1,327 various research projects and topics since 2013, including 72 national projects and topics (2 projects and 11 topics in the National Key Research and Development Program of China, and 5 major topics of the National Social Science Fund of China).

II. Construction of scientific research platforms and think tanks

BSU has vigorously built the scientific research platforms in active response to the strategy of the Outline for Building a Leading Sports Nation. It has actively promoted the construction of the existing 8 provincial and ministerial key laboratories (bases and research centers) and 11 university-level key laboratories (research centers), focused on the scientific and technological research work in the preparation for the Tokyo Olympic Games and the Beijing Winter Olympics, and explored new methods, technologies and concepts, so as to improve the competitive sports in China with technology.

The Research Institute of Traditional Chinese Sports, the Sports Industry Development Research Center, and the Cultural Research Center of the Winter Olympics of BSU were selected into the source think tank of Chinese Think Tank Index (CTTI).

III. Technological contribution to the Olympics

Relying on major national projects as the leading organization of the project “special ability characteristics of athletes in winter sports and key technologies for scientific selection of materials” in the Key Research and Development Program for Sci-Tech Winter Olympics, BSU has actively carried out the program of Sci-Tech Winter Olympics and the research related to the Olympics, and taken the Third-Party Professional Institutional Research and Report Preparation Service Project for the Legacy of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and Paralympics as an opportunity to study the rich legacy created by the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics in seven areas of sports, economy, society, culture, environment, urban development and regional development which keeps valuable wealth for the long-term development of Beijing.

In order to meet the needs of sports teams in the preparation for the Olympic Games and help athletes improve their competitive ability and performance, BSU has actively set up a complex scientific and medical team to serve more than 50 national teams in the summer and winter sports and in the sports of disabled people, providing timely and effective scientific and medical security for their daily training and optimizing their operation management and performance evaluation.

Guided by technological innovation, BSU serves the Olympic Games and helps the development of the industry. It has coordinated with the high-tech enterprises of the Zhongguancun Management Committee to form a cooperation intention based on rowing, cycling, taekwondo and other sports.

IV. National health

BSU is committed to national health in accordance with the requirements of the “Healthy China 2030 Planning Outline and the National Fitness Program.

In 2018, BSU was approved by the Ministry of Science and Technology to carry out the major project of “active fitness in response to aging”, the Key Technology Research on Personalized and Targeted Guidance Program for Human Sports to Promote Health, actively leading the promotion of non-medical health interventions of physical and medical integration.

BSU takes charge of the revision of the National Student Physical Health Standard, takes the lead in the eighth national research in physical health of students and the physical health promotion for child adolescents and students, and forms a scientific fitness guidance team to examine physical health of 220,000 students.

It also takes the lead in the construction of the “Scientific Fitness Demonstration Zone” of the General Administration of Sport of China, carries out various forms of national fitness activities and popularization and publicity of science by means of communities and online TV media, and develops and issues the Sports Guide for Preschool Children at the Age of 3-6.

In addition, it provides trainings of sports prescribers based on the research related to sports prescription, laying a solid foundation for the construction and promotion of sports prescription library and the training of scientific and precise fitness guidance service professionals for the public.

V. Transformation of scientific and technological achievements

BSU has established the Industrial Science Park, the Scientific and Technological Achievement Transformation Center, the BSU Makerspace (the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center for College Students), and the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Training Platform for College Students, providing teachers and students with the space of more than 4,000m2 for the innovation and entrepreneurship and the transformation of scientific and technological achievements as well as more than 100 jobs.

BSU has participated in the construction and operation of the Erqi Factory National Scientific Training Base for Ice and Snow Sports, and established the National Snow Sports Training Base and the Ice and Snow Sports Training Base of Beijing Sports University jointly with the Jilin Municipal Government.

It carries out the research on close industry-university-research cooperation with 14 companies to provide them with professional evaluation system design, data analysis and standard application guidance.

VI. Branded academic activities

BSU actively creates various branded academic forums and activities, in order to promote discipline construction and talent cultivation, strengthen academic exchanges at home and abroad, enliven the academic atmosphere, and increase the enthusiasm of teachers in scientific research.