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School of Management

BSU’s School of Management is a cradle of China’s sports management talents, with a history dating back to 1985, when Beijing Institute of Physical Education (predecessor of BSU) took the lead in establishing the sport management major approved by State Physical Culture and Sports Commission and State Education Commission of the People’s Republic of China. In 1987, the Department of Sports Management was established, with an inscription “To Develop Sports Management Science and Cultivate Sports Management Talents” by Li Menghua, then Director of State Physical Culture and Sports Commission. In 1995, the School of Management was officially established.

Based on sports management, the School adheres to the high-quality school-running tradition with a high starting point to serve the society with a global vision. It aligns itself to BSU’s development orientation of “University + Base” and the great demands for sports management talents in the building of a nation strong on sports, the campaign of healthy China and the preparation for Olympic Games to cultivate high-standard inter-disciplinary talents who have the public spirit and an international view and can work as management personnel in the Party and government offices, enterprises and public institutions, social organizations and international sports organizations. Over the past 30 years since establishment, it has cultivated more than 2,000 outstanding sports management talents for China’s sports cause.

The School offers the undergraduate program of public service management (sports management), which is a characteristic and first-class undergraduate major project of Beijing. The School also opens two experimental classes, i.e., sports association management (for ball game fan management) and golf management, with a total of 467 undergraduates in school at present. The School has the right to confer the first-level discipline master degree in public management and enrolls postgraduates in sports humanities and social sciences (postgraduate and doctoral) and competition organizations (professional master), with nearly 200 postgraduates in school.

The school has a faculty with a rational age and educational background structure, and most of the teachers graduated from universities in Project “985”. Teachers with a senior professional title account for almost 40% of the total; teachers with a doctoral degree account for 93.75%; and teachers with an overseas education background account for 87.5%. In addition, some celebrities in sports and management circles are also employed as lecturers, guest professors and consultants for career development.

The School actively organizes various scientific research resources and fully leverages its own advantages in talents and disciplines to solve the major theoretical problems in the development of China’s sports cause. It has established the Institute for Public Sports Services, BSU, striving to build a think tank for China’s sports management and contributing to the development of China’s sports cause and the building of a nation strong on sports. Besides, the Secretariat of Sports Management Committee of China Sport Science Society (CSSS) is also in the School. In recent years, the School has completed a number of NSSF tasks and decision-making consultation and research projects of General Administration of Sport of China (GASC) and undertaken multiple tasks authorized by Sports for All Department, Youth Sports Department, Economic Department, Supervisory Department and provincial and municipal sports bureaus to provide intellectual support for government decision-making.

The School continuously adapts itself to social needs, actively carries out external exchanges and strives to expand its international school-running models. It has launched joint training (double degree) programs with overseas famous universities, including Loughborough University, Emlyon Business School, Springfield College and Lapland University of Applied Science, etc. In addition, the School has also established academic cooperation and information exchanges with sports institutions and departments and research institutes in various countries and regions including the US, Canada, the UK, Germany and Japan and regularly invites overseas well-known scholars to give lectures. It actively organizes various academic activities and has successfully held the conferences on China sports management science, national annual meetings on sports social science and frontier forums of winter Olympic culture in the last three years.

The School attaches great importance to students’ social practice and actively carries out colorful student activities, such as sports cultural art festival, champions league football matches, challenge cup basketball matches, simulated management competitions, debate competitions, award ceremonies and knowledge contests on sports industry and sports management, to guide and encourage the all-round development of students and improve their comprehensive quality.

The School has more than 30 industry-university-research integrated bases of various GASC organizations, provincial and municipal sports bureaus, sport event management centers, national sports associations and famous sports enterprises. Every year, a large number of students participate in the organization work of the Beijing Marathon, China Open and other domestic and overseas major events, which allow them to have the chance to take part in and understand the organization and management work of China’s administrative decision-making departments, large-scale stadiums and events, expand their horizons and enhance practical ability.

The School is aimed to cultivate inter-disciplinary talents who are equipped with knowledge in public management and sports management, develop morally, intellectually, physically and aesthetically with a hard-working spirit, understand government management process and the development law of sports cause and can work on sports management and general management in Party and government offices, enterprises and public institutions, social organizations and international organizations. Graduates are mainly employed by sports administrations of various levels, sport event management centers, sports associations, news media, sports enterprises and sports institutes, etc., and their comprehensive quality is widely praised by employers.

Now that Beijing has won the bid to host the 2022 Winter Olympic Games and China’s sports cause is booming, the School of Management is embarking on a new journey with a passionate and trail-blazing posture.

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