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School of Continuing Education
(Training School of Winter Olympic Sports)

The School of Continuing Education (Training School of Winter Olympic Sports) is a secondary college of Beijing Sport University (BSU). BSU offered the non-formal continuing education at the time of its establishment in 1953, and then the formal continuing education in 1981. In 1988, the Correspondence Department and the Department of Continuing Education were merged into the Department of Correspondence and Continuing Education which was renamed the Department of Adult Education in 1993, the School of Adult Education in 2002, and then the School of Continuing Education in 2010. In 2017, the Training School of Winter Olympic Sports was established, which was co-located with the School of Continuing Education. Now the School of Continuing Education offers formal and non-formal continuing education.

The formal continuing education is completed in the form of part-time (correspondence) education, and divided into three levels, i.e., education of junior college from high school, undergraduate education from high school, and undergraduate education from education of junior college. At present, with more than 3,000 students enrolled, the School of Continuing Education has set up many majors such as Sports Training, Human Sport Science, Physical Education, Sports Rehabilitation, and Sports Management, and successively established nearly 60 correspondence centers in more than 40 cities in 20 provinces nationwide and one overseas correspondence center in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.

In terms of non-formal continuing education, the School of Continuing Education provides the trainings on “Capability Improvement Projects” for the coaches of various ranks, the managers of provincial and municipal sports bureaus and the managers of sports associations in the industry, the trainings such as “Comprehensive Literacy and Special Ability Training”, “Teacher Certification Training” and “Curriculum Training Classes” for the on-the-job staff members of various types of educational institutions and the various types of sports teachers, and also the certification trainings such as “On-the-job Training and Exam of Junior Coaches”, “Sports Nutritionist” and “Preparation for Fitness and Bodybuilding Champion” for all kinds of fitness clubs and sports lovers, in line with the efforts for progress in the three national strategies of making China a country strong on education and sports and implementing the “Healthy China” campaign. In addition, the pilot unit of the national professional (comprehensive) training for sports industry under the review and approval of the General Administration of Sport of China is located in the School of Continuing Education, which always provides the national professional qualification trainings for the swimming lifeguards, the sports agents, the social sports instructors (fitness coaches and sports instructors in swimming, sports dance, taekwondo, martial arts and badminton, etc.) and the staff members of other occupations. The School of Continuing Education also sets up a professional model of “sports training +” to promote the connotative development of continuing education by connecting the curriculum systems of both formal and non-formal continuing education and introducing the concepts of “credit bank”, “curriculum supermarket” and “certificate program”.

In order to speed up the training of professional ice and snow sports talents for the 2022 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games, the Training School of Winter Olympic Sports was founded at BSU on December 28, 2017, which was co-located with the School of Continuing Education. With the guidance of the Beijing Organizing Committee for the 2022 Olympic Winter Games, it has been committed to the training of professional talents required by the 2022 Olympic Winter Games such as the national technical officials (NTO) and the management and support teams of the event, in cooperation with the Center of Winter Games of the General Administration of Sport of China, Beijing Municipal Bureau of Sports, Beijing Committee of the Communist Youth League and the professional enterprises of ice and snow sports.

In 2019, the School of Continuing Education set up the sports training class (on-the-job study for a master’s degree) at BSU to strengthen the ability training and quality improvement of practitioners in the sports field, cultivate the high-level and application-oriented sports professionals with the ability to engage in physical education, scientific research and management in schools, enterprises, and institutions of scientific research, training and management, and gradually form a talent training system of multi-level continuing education of “Education of Junior College - Undergraduate Education - Postgraduate Education”.

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