Academic Division of Olympic Sports

China Ice Sports College
(China Ice Hockey College)

To thoroughly implement the important instruction of General Secretary Xi Jinping about advancing the building of a country strong on sports and hosting 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games, implement the strategic deployment of the Central Committee of CPC, the State Council and the leading Party group of General Administration of Sport of China in an all-round way, promote the cultivation of all kinds of ice-sports talents in China, especially the cultivation of back-up talents, and drive the development of China’s ice-sports in an all-round way, Beijing Sport University set up China Ice-sports College in collaboration with Chinese Skating Association, Chinese Figure Skating Association and Chinese Ice Hockey Association by giving full play to its advantage of “university + base” and through integrating all the resources from sports, education and the society. China Ice-sports College is to cultivate professional talents in ice-sports like short track speed skating, speed skating, figure skating and ice hockey in a run-through way, starting a new model in training the ice-sports talents. China Ice-sports College was formally established on January 18, 2020.

By complying with and serving the national strategy in an all-round way, China Ice-sports College insists on the idea of “global vision, international standard, Chinese characteristics and positioning high” in cultivation of talents, aiming to cultivate the high-caliber competitive athletes, coaches and referees loving the motherland, shouldering social responsibilities and capable to participate in the international matches on behalf of the national team at all levels. It seeks to build a cultivation system with the cultivation of high-level professional ice-sports competitive athletes at the core, supported by training of all kinds of professional ice-sports technical personnel, guaranteed by the academic education, and focusing on the establishment of premium sporting events, based on the promotion of the development of ice-sports in the whole society.

China Ice-sports College will construct an operation model of "1+1+1", namely a comprehensive system of “university+ youth development + training”. The part of “university” concentrates on training the following four categories of personnel: high-level coaches/referees, high-quality PE teachers/industrial practitioners; the part of “youth development” is to select the teenagers with outstanding potential in ice-sports and finding the right people and implement ace teaching with the purpose to send talents to high-level teams; the part of "training" is to actively popularize ice-sports in the society and provide standardized training service of coaches/referees/industrial practitioners for the masses.

I. Cultivation of high-level competitive athletes of ice-sports

We will identify the outstanding teenagers with great potential in ice-sports effectively, accurately screen the talents and implement premium teaching and training for them. We aim to realize high-end and run-through internationalized cultivation on the basis of scientific selection of candidates, scientific training, scientific participation in contests, scientific management and first-class guarantee, sending high-level competitive sports talents to our country.

II. Training of all kinds of professional ice-sports technical personnel

Relying on our advantage in resources, we concentrate on training the following four categories of personnel: high-level coaches/referees, high-quality PE teachers/industrial practitioners. Our purpose is to produce internationalized professionals who have solid professional skills and basic theoretical knowledge, a strong spirit for making innovations and capability for practice, and are proficient in foreign language, and capable of training, refereeing, management and undertaking tasks of exchange and cooperation.

III. Building a system of premium sporting events

We try to build a teenager sporting event system led by associations. We will invite the teams of corresponding age bracket from the countries strong on different sports to participate in the contests in the forms of grand prix, series of contests and international and domestic match tour, with the purpose to offer the youth athletes a well-targeted high-level contest environment of intensified competition.

IV. Popularizing ice-sports training among the common people

We will engage high-level coaches and technical officers at home and abroad to train the candidates from the masses as standard coaches, referees and industrial practitioners, and launch social training and competitions of ice-sports to popularize ice-sports among common people.

China Ice-sports College will assist in the development of winter sports in our country in an all-round way relying on the national winter sports training and scientific research base of BSU. We will give full play to our capability in the cultivation of back-up talents, scientific research, training and international exchange, and become a substantially and comprehensively strong school. Our goal is to become a base for cultivating back-up talents of ice-sports and a base for training and cultivating coaches and referees of ice-sports in our country, and also to build a platform for ice-sports events and international exchange. Also, we will integrate the glorious tradition and red genes into our operation to build a patriotism education base and publicity platform with red winter sports culture.