Academic Division of Humanities and Social Sciences

School of Marxism

The School of Marxism, renamed in June 2016, had served as teaching and researching section of political theory, department of two core courses and department of ideology and politics successively during different periods since the establishment of Beijing Sport University. The School obtained funding for the ‘National Major Construction Project of School of Marxism’ from the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China in 2017.


The School has a contingent of 33 teachers and cadres, among which 6 professors (15.8%) , 17 associate professors (42.1%) and several lecturers (42.1%). 89.5% of full-time teachers obtained doctorate degrees; there are one excellent-grade professor and two excellent-grade teachers in ideological and political courses in Beijing. The School consists of six teaching and research offices, namely: Introduction to the Theoretical System of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics, Basic Principles of Marxism, Moral Education, Modern and Contemporary History of China, Situation and Policy, as well as Career Development and Entrepreneurship Guidance.

Cultivation of students

The School has preliminarily established a system for cultivating excellent undergraduate and graduate students. Currently, there are more than sixty undergraduate students majoring in Theory of Marxism, more than thirty master students, and one doctoral student majoring in Marxism Sports Theory. By June 2019, over 90 master students including six champion students graduated, being comprehensively appreciated by their employers. The School has attached much importance not only to the cultivation of students' theoretical views but also  to practical abilities. Teachers and students participate in "embracing the classics" reading workshops, at the same time, the School has established several practical education bases in national Olympic museum, Marxism literature collection exhibition center, Jinggangshan University, Yan 'an University, Zunyi Normal College, and Hebei Normal University. In order to perform the spirit of strengthening ideological and political education according to the central committee and to fulfill the fundamental task of cultivating individuals with virtue, the School has launched "Ten Projects" of ideological and political thought, which have continuously consolidated the discipline foundation in Theory of Marxism and the essential status of ideological and political courses.

Teaching and research

The School deepens its commitment to reform, and explores new paths and collaborative innovations of ideological and political courses, promoting a deep integration of modern information technology and teaching methods. Currently, the School has introduced mobile teaching interactive softwares such as ‘Rain Classroom’ and ‘Super Star’, and it is developing electronic textbooks for Marxism Classics Study Course through school-enterprise cooperation. The School is equipped with a digital teaching platform, and has introduced paperless assessment and informationization of teaching. In recent years, the School has been supported by major projects of reform and innovation of ideological and political courses of Beijing municipal commission of education and industry as well as key projects of construction of demonstration excellent teaching and scientific research team of the Ministry of Education. Two persons won the first prize of excellent achievement in Beijing "Dan Ke Cup" competition, four persons  won the second prize and the third prize respectively in Beijing educational basic teaching skills competition, one person won the third prize in excellent achievement of the capital college students' ideological and political education, two persons people to be selected in "outstanding young and middle-aged talents cultivation plan" of General Administration of Sport, one person was named influential political thought and theory teacher of Beijing in 2015, four persons obtained awards of social research achievement by young teachers among Beijing Colleges and Universities, three persons won the outstanding moral education among Beijing Colleges and Universities. In addition, the School has been awarded two prizes of Beijing educational and teaching, one prize of teaching achievement of the National General Administration of Sport.

The School has a research center of Xi jinping’s thought on Socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era, and also several other study centers of Physical integrity and moral construction, Sports law, Sports culture (including Chinese sports spirit studies), an Anti-doping research base, National sports colleges and universities political theory teaching and research association (sponsor, director), all of which have provided support for courses creation and discipline development. Four teachers obtained financial aid from the National scientific research project of philosophy and social sciences, and two were funded by the special project of ideological and political education of the Ministry of Education. Faculties have completed a series of influential achievements such as "Promoting sportsmanship and cultivating sports morality" and "Scientific research on the liberal cultivation of national team athletes". Since 2018, the School has also undertaken the ‘Spirit of national women’s volleyball team program issued by the Ministry of Education, ‘The significant ideas of Xi jinping on sports work’ program funded by General Administration of Sport, and research on ‘The world view and methodology of Xi jinping’s thought on Socialism with Chinese characteristics in a new era’ assisted by Beijing Social Science Funding.

International cooperation and exchange

The School of Marxism promotes international education vigorously. In 2018, the "1+1+1" Joint Cultivation Agreement was signed with the Business School of Loughborough University (Double Degree in sports integrity). In 2019, A Cooperation Framework Agreement was signed with Russian People's Friendship University and Russian State University of Humanities, and the "2+2" Joint Undergraduate Training Program was negotiated with the University of Southern Federal Russia. In addition, domestic and international conferences as well as ‘the Belt and Road Initiative Educational, Scientific and Cultural Intellects Introduction Program’ sponsored by the Bureau of Foreign Experts Affairs of China are organized every year. In 2018, seven Russian experts were invited to participate in this program, which has improved domestic and international academic exchanges and cooperation.

Social services

The School exerts much effort to serve ideological and political construction of the university through the "Situation and Policy" lecture series, Beginner's Mind lecture series and so on, in order to participate in the inspirational education of the national team’s preparation for the Olympic Games, and to take charge of the construction for the propaganda team of General Administration of Sport. The School also undertook the ideological and political research of the sports team, investigating athletes' education, and the task of compiling the inspirational magazine  Pursuit of Excellence  for national teams.

Many a little makes a mickle. In the process of building a world-class sport university, the School of Marxism, with the discipline construction as a leading, ideological and political courses as a core, academic research as an assistance, and teachers as an important force, strives to improve its influence in academics and the quality in students cultivation, and become an outstanding school with characteristics of sport.

Welcome to the School of Marxism at Beijing Sport University.