Academic Division of Olympic Sports

China Basketball College

China Basketball College (hereinafter referred to as the College) was formally established in August 2017 as a secondary college affiliated to Beijing Sport University. The College is a national professional basketball academy that focuses on the cultivation of high-level basketball players, coaches and referees with the training of high-level professional young basketball reserve talents as the core, the on-the-job training of various basketball talents as the support, the academic education as the guarantee, and the development of social basketball as the basis. Adhering to the schooling concept of “global vision, international standards, Chinese characteristics and orientation in high standards”, it is committed to building a new system of cooperation between the government, universities and social forces, a new mechanism for deep integration of sports with technology and culture, and a new high-end, systematic and international training model of competitive sports talents. It will cultivate the basketball talents of the new era with patriotism, social responsibilities and international standards through the integrated construction and operation with the national basketball club.

The College adheres to a high-end, systematic and international training model of basketball talents, and implements a scientific and systematic training mechanism of basketball talents with the training program as the main axis, the competition as the core, the reasonable nutrition and scientific rehabilitation as the guarantee, and the training of all-round players as the goal. It also attaches great importance to ideological and political education, cultural education and foreign language teaching to constantly improve the training of basketball talents.

(I) High-end training

Based on the China Olympic Talent Introduction Base of Beijing Sport University, the College employs top foreign coaches, referees, strength and conditioning coaches, and rehabilitation experts and psychologists, and forms the versatile teaching and training team composed of domestic assistant coaches, counselors and students of experimental referee class and the teams of scientific technology, physical fitness, rehabilitation, and psychological technology, in order to build the high-end education, teaching, training and support teams to train high-end talents. 

(II) Systematic training

The College will set up a senior high school in Qinhuangdao for connection with the undergraduate and postgraduate education of BSU based on the deep integration of sports and education, and build an integrated education system, so that students will have the opportunity to study at BSU in the future. It attaches great importance to not only the training of basketball skills and tactics of students but also their ideological and political education, cultural education and foreign language teaching, and focuses on the cultivation and improvement of their key competence and necessary qualities and capabilities to adapt to their lifelong development and social development.

 (III) International training

(1) The College implements the “Dance with Wolves” program and sends athletes, coaches and student referees overseas each year.
(2) The overseas training bases are established for oversea training of the basketball players of the College. In order to conduct international cooperation in schooling, the College will cooperate extensively with foreign middle schools and colleges and universities to provide high-quality local basic education and higher education resources for the athletes and students who study and train in foreign branches. Adhering to the international teaching and training based on the Overseas Talent Induction Base of Beijing Sport University jointly established by the General Administration of Sport of China and the National Foreign Experts Group, the College focuses on the introduction of top foreign coaches, referees and physical fitness experts for teaching and training in the College and its domestic and foreign branches.

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