Academic Division of Sports Engineering

School of Sports Engineering

The School of Sports Engineering (SSE) of Beijing Sport University (BSU) was founded in May 2018, and it is subordinate to the Division of Sports Engineering. Embedded with the featured discipline of "Sports Sciences" of BSU, SSE integrates multiple engineering disciplines such as computer science and technology, artificial intelligence technology, electronic science and technology, information and communication engineering and biomedical engineering. Under such conviction, it reinforces the deep integration of sports with education, science, technology, and culture so as to cultivate high-quality innovative talents for the construction of “Leading Sports and Education Nation” and “Healthy China”. Meanwhile, benefiting from BSU’s "Double First-rate University" plan and “Three Transitions” reform, SSE is able to exploit its disciplinary and technical advantage, exploring the novel development model of “+Sports” to closely develop the "University + Base" function of BSU.

SSE offers three undergraduate majors: "Intelligent Sports Engineering", “Data Science and Big Data" and "Biomedical Engineering", with the second being recognized as one of the "Double First-Rate" majors in Beijing. It proudly owns "China Sports Big Data Center", "AI Sports Engineering Lab" and "Center for Intelligent Sports Equipment Research and Development". Moreover, it is equipped with an advanced high-speed motion capture camera system, high-performance computing service and VR system that facilitate the practice and research experiments. At present, there are 26 faculty members in SSE, including one professor from the national “Thousand Talents Program”, two professors and three associate professors. They finished their Ph.D. studies at Peking University, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing Normal University, Beihang University, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, National University of Defense Technology, Pennsylvania State University, University of Edinburgh, Technical University of Madrid, and other noted universities at home and abroad. The faculty members have been separately assigned to different teams such as “Artificial Intelligence Team”, “Data Science Technology Team”, “Sports Equipment Team”, “AI Sports Engineering Laboratory” and “Teaching of Computer Team”. Currently, SSE undertakes national projects such as the National Natural Science Foundation of China, National "Active Health" Key R&D Program of China and National "Science and Technology in Winter Olympics" key R&D Program of China sponsored by the Ministry of Science and Technology. Our faculty members have published more than 30 scientific research papers in top journals such as “Inverse Problems” and “IEEE Information Theory”, and other international academic conferences. SSE has succeeded in establishing cooperation with many Chinese national teams of various sports such as Alibaba Cloud, Huawei Technology Co., Ltd., China Aerospace Science and Technology Group, etc.

The mission of SSE is to develop a world-class scientific research and talent cultivation center, actively committing to internationalization. The School annually holds the International Forum on Smart Technology and Smart Sports, inviting international top experts in intelligent sports, sports equipment design, big data, sports performance analysis, intelligent training, intelligent technology, intelligent health and other fields to have in-depth academic exchanges. Moreover,  regular cooperation with the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports Sciences (INEF) of Technical University of Madrid, Center for Sports Engineering Research of Sheffield Hallam University, Department of Computer and Engineering of University at Buffalo, the State University of New York has been established in scientific research and talents development.

At present, SSE has two undergraduate courses, 2017-level Experimental Class in AI Sports Engineering, 2019-level Data Science and Big Data Technology class; and one graduate course major in “Human Movement in Sports Engineering”. While students successfully fulfill the course study, they can apply and participate in computer design competitions, innovation and entrepreneurship programs for college students, science and technology services and so on, which brings gratifying results and reinforces the balanced development and comprehensive improvement within practice.


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