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China Volleyball College

Aligning to Beijing Sport University’s goal to build a world-class sport university and to the orientation of “university + base”, the China Volleyball College firmly strengthens the central position of talent cultivation which is based on undergraduate education, focuses on graduate education and features youth training. Its aim is to cultivate high-end, integrated, international and collaborative innovative sport talents to promote the following  causes: sport in China, higher education, Olympic games and social development.

The College pays attention to the construction of the teaching staff. There are 16 faculty members, including four professors and three associate professors, one of which is doctoral supervisor and six are master supervisors. The Teaching and Research Department of the College has been granted successively the following awards: “Advanced Group in National Education System”, “Beijing Municipal-level Teaching Team” and “National-level Teaching Team”, and the volleyball course rated as “National-level Quality Course”.

The College has 159 students, including 15 doctoral students, 66 postgraduates and 77 undergraduates (including 43 outstanding athletes) at the moment. In the last three years, the ratio of postgraduate recommendation for outstanding undergraduate athletes was up to 23%, which is higher than the average ratio at BSU. The employment rate has also reached and surpassed the average level at BSU, with employment orientations mainly including institutions of higher education, research institutes, enterprises, public institutions, sport administrations and public security forces, etc.

Since 2018, the College has successively formed three men’s volleyball teams, with 47 athletes of 14-17 years old in total. In the future, the College will continue to strengthen the special cultivation model for youth training and employ coaches from countries good at volleyball for its sport teams. Based on domestic centralized and systematic training, it will also provide sport teams with opportunities to go abroad for centralized training and competitions every year.

The College actively explores and builds the talent cultivation system integrating “youth training + undergraduate education + graduate education and doctoral education”. While cultivating high-level coaches, athletes and referees for the country, the College also shoulders the mission of cultivating high-quality inter-disciplinary talents in sport training, physical education, competition management and scientific research.

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