Academic Division of Olympic Sports

China Swimming College

The predecessor of China Swimming College can be traced back to the Swimming Teaching and Research Office established by the Central Institute of Physical Education. As the first special swimming teaching and research office among the institutes of physical education after the People’s Republic of China was founded newly, it has made important contributions to the development of swimming in China. It originally belonged to the Sports Coaching College, and then China Swimming College (hereinafter referred to as the College) was established formally in 2017 with the reform and development of Beijing Sport University, which belongs to the Olympic Sports Division of BSU.

Now the College has more than 230 students for undergraduate and postgraduate education and 16 faculty members (including 2 professors, 4 associate professors and 4 lecturers), as well as 2 doctoral supervisors, 4 master’s supervisors, 2 international referees and 9 national referees 4 of whom work in various sports organizations at home and abroad. At present, the College is actively recruiting talents from home and abroad to build an international teaching team of swimming.

The College aims to build itself into a world-class swimming sports academy and create a youth development system of swimming led by the state. Adhering to the schooling concept of global vision, international standards, and Chinese characteristics based on the Olympic Games and the overall strategy of serving a country strong on sports, focusing on the high-end, collaborative, integrated and international training of athletes, coaches and referees, and relying on the teaching, training, scientific research and other resources of BSU and Chinese Swimming Association, the College actively builds a new competitive sports training model of swimming talents in the manner of national leadership, college education, social collaboration, and international cooperation, and cultivates the coaches, athletes, referees and other high-quality application-oriented talents with patriotism, social responsibility and innovative spirit.