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School of Journalism and Communication

BSU’s School of Journalism and Communication (hereinafter referred to as “the School”) was founded in February 2005 as the Department of Sports Media and was renamed in May 2017. The School is the vice-chairman unit of Sports News Communication Committee of China Sport Science Society (CSSS), member unit of the Chinese Association for History of Journalism and Communication and the institution to which the Sports Communication Committee of Chinese Association of Communication (CAC) is affiliated. Adhering to the idea of “strengthening sports, professional in news, extensive communication and all-media”, the School is devoted to cultivating high-quality applied talents in news communication who are equipped with excellent moral character, a rational knowledge structure, comprehensive professional skills, an international view and pioneering spirit.

The discipline of news communication is a key discipline of BSU and the School is in charge of the discipline construction. To promote the frontier, inter-disciplinary, open and international development the discipline, the School focuses its efforts on forging a “one body with two wings” development mode that is oriented to the integration of science & technology, media and sports and characterized by sports event commentary and broadcast, striving to build an industry-university-research three-in-one collaborative innovation platform integrating the School, the Sports Event Production & Broadcast Laboratory (hereinafter referred to as “the Laboratory”) and BSU Media Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd (hereafter referred to as “BSU Media”).

Since 2000 when the journalism major began to be offered, the undergraduate programs of the School now include journalism, advertising and network & new media. The major of broadcasting and hosting art will be offered in autumn 2020. The postgraduate education has the right to confer the doctoral and master degrees of sports humanities and social sciences for the direction of sports news and communication and the master degree of news and communication. The School now has more than 740 undergraduates and nearly 140 postgraduate and doctoral students. In 2018 and 2019, the School selected some students from the whole university to form two experimental classes for sports event commentator training and sports event resource (program) producer cultivation respectively and sent them to Spain and Canada for international training.

The Laboratory is China’s first convergence media platform built according to the 4K standard. Since establishment, it has made great achievements in new technology and equipment application in the field of sports communication and the exploration in new sports event broadcast and communication models. For example, in 2019, the Laboratory used the 5G+8K+5.1 surround for live broadcast of sports event and launched the 5G+8K large-scale user audio-visual experience activity, which was the first time in China. At the same time, the first survey on the 5G+8K large-scale user audio-visual experience was carried out, with more than 1,200 users being surveyed on questions related to 5G+8K in the form of questionnaires. In 2020, the Laboratory has created a brand new long-distance and multi-point online competition mode for many national sports teams, in which players can compete in the same competition from different places. This has overturned the traditional competition mode and enabled national teams to participate in competitions more conveniently while with less input. So far, such mode has been promoted in various national teams.

BSU Media is a market-based platform established specially for the disciplinary construction of news communication, which is devoted to building a bridge between the resources of BSU and nationwide sports systems and external resources. It has built a sports resource communication matrix featuring network-wide distribution and full media coverage. In 2020, it has created the cloud competition mode by virtue of new technologies and new media, with the aim of getting more people involved. This has changed the state of a limited range of participants and weak influence of traditional competitions and enabled people in different regions to compete with each other across space, which has expanded the radiant surface, penetration and communication capacity of sports events by getting more people involved via the new media.

Based on the idea of building an industry-university-research three-in-one collaborative innovation platform, the teaching resources of the School, the scientific research resources of the Laboratory and the market resources of BSU Media have been effectively and thoroughly integrated. The research on cutting-edge issues in the crossing field of science & technology-media-sports integration leads the development direction of the discipline, the original research results from which enrich the emerging discipline of sports communication. The School is exploring the emerging inter-discipline field to set up excellent courses with distinct characteristics of sports communication and further improve the teaching level. With a solid knowledge base and research front supporting the high-level scientific researches, the School strives to make breakthroughs in basic research, deepen integration and mutual promotion of scientific research and media practice, promote the change of growth drivers and create more new industries and business types.

Based on the industry-university-research three-in-one collaborative innovation platform, the School is devoted to building an influential sports event resource convergence and distribution base. It has maintained close partnerships with numerous famous sports event operation and broadcast agencies and authoritative media focusing on the comprehensive creation of autonomous sports events IP. As a result, it has formed mature capacity in sports event broadcast and can provide solutions for the integration of urban communication and sports events. In addition, it is devoted to building the testing ground of new technologies and new equipment and the cradle of new broadcast and communication modes. With stable cooperation with famous media technology research institutes and equipment manufacturers, it has formed complete technology integration capacity in sports event broadcast and intelligent stadium with a solid cutting-edge technical reserve. Based on the construction of an international content creation and talent cultivation base in the sports industry and the field of communication, the School has strong creative production capacity of high-end film and television programs and strong capacity in training of sports-related vertical short video creation, youth sports training and other aspects.

The School has established strategic cooperation relations with media like China Media Group, Beijing Media Network, China Youth Daily, iQiyi and Kuaishou and institutions like Beijing Organizing Committee for the 2022 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games, China Ice Hockey Association, China Unicom, Foxconn and China Sports Media to build more than 20 teaching and research practice bases.

The School has a well-structured high-level faculty equipped with teachers with rich teaching experience and strong scientific research capacity, including 23 full-time ones, 65% of which have a doctoral degree. Among them, 4 are doctoral supervisors and 11 are master supervisors. They have made domestic first-class research findings in the history of sports news communication, sports event media service, Olympic Games communication, sports event commentary, sports big data & health communication, science & technology and sports video communication, intelligent communication, sports media culture and social development, science & technology and the innovation of sports event communication and other fields.

The interconnection of teaching resources, research resources and market resources is a unique leading advantage of the School in the field of news communication among nationwide universities, which is a support for students to study, provides them with platforms for scientific research and opportunities for practice and employment, and lays a solid foundation for cultivating sports communication talents who develop morally, intellectually, physically and aesthetically with a hard-working spirit.

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