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Founded in 1957, the Sports Coaching College (hereinafter referred to as the College) is one of the earliest colleges and schools established by Beijing Sport University (BSU) and the first college to cultivate Olympic champions among the colleges and universities in China. The development of the major of Sports Training in the College is closely related to the development of competitive sports in the People’s Republic of China newly founded. It dates back to the first time when the People’s Republic of China newly founded participated in the Olympic Games in 1952. Then the Central Institute of Physical Education was founded to train young athletes. The major was rated as “National Specialty” in 2007 and “Beijing Specialty” in 2009, and approved as a national first-class undergraduate major in 2019. As the chairman unit of the Sports Training Construction Committee of China Sport Education Alliance, the College has nine teaching and research offices (teams) of Sports Training, Heavy Tournament, Gymnastics, Tennis, Table Tennis, Small Balls, Handball, Hockey, Baseball and Softball, Winter Sports, and Extreme Sports, and the Key Sports Training Laboratory of the General Administration of Sport of China. In addition, it has strong faculty covering 85 teachers, 13 professors and 26 associate professors, and more than 1,600 students for undergraduate and postgraduate education.

Based on the goal of “building a comprehensive, high-level and distinctive world-class sports university”, the College focuses on the cultivation of high-level athletes, coaches and referees, adheres to the principle of “global vision, international standards, Chinese characteristics and orientation in high standards”, and starts from the “diversified, coordinated, integrated, international and technological” cultivation of excellent competitive sports talents, in order to establish a competitive sports talent cultivation system in a new form of “national leadership, college education, social collaboration, and international cooperation”, build a new competitive sports talent cultivation model of “longitudinal integration” and “horizontal integration”, and cultivate the excellent competitive sports talents of the new era with “national sentiment, social responsibility and international standards”.

The College closely follows the goal of building a leading sports nation and the “double first-class construction”, further rationally optimizes the sports project structure and layout, consolidates the superiority projects, enhances the potential superiority projects, accelerates the development of short-board projects and the projects in the urgent national need, and realizes the coordinated development of summer and winter projects. It also constantly optimizes the organizational structure of education and teaching, training competitions and scientific research required by the development of modern sports training, and strives to build itself into a national high-level talent cultivation base for competitive sports.

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