Academic Division of Olympic Sports

China Football College
(China Rugby College)
(China Football Coaching College)

China Football College is a national-level college specialized in football focusing on the cultivation of high-level football players, coaches and referees. Sticking to the idea of “global vision, international standard, Chinese characteristics and positioning high” in operation, it is committed to the establishment of a new system of the concerted efforts from the government, higher learning institutions and social forces, formation of a new development mechanism based on the deep integration of sports, technology and culture, setting up an adolescent football training system led by the country, and cultivation of world level football talents loving the motherland, shouldering social responsibilities for the new era.

China Football College insists on cultivating talents in a high-end, run-through, internationalized and integrated way, and it includes candidate selection, matches, promotion of skills, and the system of changing positions and boosting of physical efficiency into the training in order to promote the level of cultivating football talents. Its purpose is to drive the leap-forward development of China's football and explore a development path in football with Chinese characteristics.

I. Cultivating talents with high-end resources

Relying on China Olympic Intelligence Introduction Base of BSU, the college engaged the top coaches, referees, physical efficiency coaches, experts in rehabilitation and psychology of foreign football clubs and set up compound teaching and training teams consisting of domestic assistant coaches, counselors and members of referee experimental class as well as teams consisting of personnel in technology, physical efficiency, rehabilitation and psychology to support them, with the purpose to build high-end teams in education, teaching, training and guarantee for the cultivation of high-end talents.

The college implements the teaching and training model of combining “contest system + class changing system + technology + physical efficiency”

Regarding the actual competition as the important means for cultivating football players. The college established its own round-robin competition system according to different age groups, so the student players can enrich and promote their own level of the tactics and skills in actual confrontation, and the coach/referee students can improve their coaching level and refereeing techniques. On the prerequisite that the coach and technical team of each class (team) remain unchanged, the positions of all player students on the field are required to rotate according to the need of the competition, thus fully mobilizing the enthusiasm and subjective initiative of the students in training and effectively boosting their awareness of competition and cooperation.

The college introduced the AI technology of sports and analysis of Big Data in an all-round way to collect and analyze the key data of each player student during the course of his growth, record and analyze the technical data during each match, thus forming the comprehensive database of China Football College for constantly promoting the training level through guidance.

The college gives top priority to the training of physical efficiency of player students. It arranges a regular time to train their physical efficiency each day by using many training methods to lay a solid physical efficiency foundation for player students to get adapted to the rhythm of high intensity training and matches of modern football.

II. Cultivation in a run-through manner

The college will set up a senior high school in Qinhuangdao to connect with the higher learning education of bachelor’s degree, master’s degree and doctor’s degree offered by BSU. This move is to build a run-through education system based on the concept of deep integration of sports and education, which will allow the students to have an opportunity to study in BSU for the college education. The college not only focuses on the training and cultivation of the students’ technical and combating skills in football, but also gives great priority to the education of students in ideology and politics, academics and foreign languages; it highlights the cultivation and improvement of their core accomplishments as well as the essential qualities and key abilities needed for a lifetime career and by the social development.

III.Internationalized training

Beijing Sport University will set up Châteauroux School in France, and set up several overseas branches of China Football College in the countries strong on football in Europe and America; and then it will launch extensive cooperation with the middle schools and higher learning institutions in France and the areas where the overseas branches are for the goal of joint cultivation of talents. Outstanding students will have opportunities to be sent to Châteauroux School and overseas branches for study, training and practice overseas, participating in the training and competitions of the adolescent football training system or the professional league or commercial matches of foreign countries, and receiving the local high-quality basic education and higher education.

IV. Integrated cultivation

The college will explore the possibility of establishment of an integrated cultivation mechanism with the domestic high-level football clubs and their affiliated football schools featuring joint selection of high-level player students, joint enrollment of new students, cooperative cultivation and joint ownership through the model of fixed selection, trans-boundary (trans-sport) selection and joint selection.