Academic Division of Sports and Health

School of Education
(Normal School for Physical Education)

The School of Education (Physical Education Teachers College) is the earliest department of our university. Its predecessor can be traced back to the Department of Physical Education established by Beijing Higher Normal School in 1917, it is one of the earliest Physical Education Departments in modern China. In 1952, the Department of Physical Education and Health of Beijing Normal University was transferred to the Central Sports Institute (now Beijing Sport University). The students in the Department of Physical Education were the first group of students in our university back in 1953. Our department was named the Department of Sports in 1955, officially renamed the Department of Physical Education in 1990, the School of Education in 2002, and finally the School of Education (Physical Education Teachers College) in 2019.

The development of the School of Education (Physical Education Teachers College) has witnessed the glorious history of the development of physical education in higher education of China. So far, we have trained more than 20,000 outstanding physical education talents, and they work at different levels of schools in China. The backbone of the Sports Department in the double-first-class universities are the graduates of our faculty. In addition, there are tons of graduates of our faculty who work in primary and secondary schools, becoming themselves the backbone of physical education and sports in China.

There are 4 departments and 2 research centers at the School of Education (Physical Education Teachers College), namely, the Department of Education, the Department of Physical Education, the Department of Early Childhood Physical Education, the Department of Physical Education History, China Research Center on the Sports of Persons with Disabilities, the Research Center of International and Comparative Physical Education. The Secretariat of the School Sports Branch of the Chinese Academy of Sports Sciences is attached to the School of Education (Physical Education Teachers College). We emphasize on professional development for staff and development of key courses. There are 28 faculty members, including 5 Professors and 5 Associate Professors; 4 PhD supervisors and 9 Master supervisors. We have also built a high-level physical education teacher training team, which accomplishes a lot of national P.E. teacher training programs. In recent years, our faculty won two National Teaching Achievement Awards and three Beijing Teaching Achievement Awards. Three faculty members earned the Honor Title of Beijing Excellent Teacher. Our faculty members earned one Beijing Teaching Team Award and one National Teaching Team Award. We have made great achievements in curriculum construction and academic research. We have established several excellent courses: one national, two in Beijing, as well as four on School-level, as well as three Beijing Excellent Textbooks. In addition, three projects funded by the State Key Program of National Social Science of China, more than sixty projects funded by National Social Science Foundation, by Foundation of Ministry of Education of China, etc were also achieved.

The School of Education (Physical Education Teachers College) offers two academic majors : Physical Education and Education. Physical Education has maintained its leading position in higher physical education subject ranking in China. In 2019, it was successfully approved as a “National First-class Professional Construction Point”, and it won the first prize in the National Basic Skill Competition for Undergraduate Students in Physical Education. In 2017, we established a new academic major: Education. Meanwhile, a Master Program in Education was also established. In terms of doctoral education, we established the first PhD Program in Physical Education. At present, it includes two academic majors: Physical Education and Education, both for undergraduate and postgraduate education.

The School of Education (Physical Education Teachers College) always has talent training as its foundation. It is our responsibility to lead the development of China's physical education. According to the national strategy, which is building a powerful country of sports and a powerful country of education. We will gradually increase our reform efforts and continuously improve our work in accordance with our university's “high-end, continuous, international and collaborative” talent training requirements and the “three transformations” needs. First, relying on the “sports + education” disciplinary system, reform and optimize the admission model of physical education, cultivate physical education teachers that demonstrate professional ethics, advanced education concepts, sound physical education professional knowledge and skills, strong physical education practical ability and basic scientific research ability, as well as are able to engage in physical education, extracurricular training, physical education research in different types of schools (such as primary school, secondary school, and university, etc). Second, according to the physical education practice needs, we undertake the national-level training program of physical education teachers, carry out physical education theoretical knowledge and practical skills training for elite athletes, primary and secondary physical education teachers, improving their professional development ability. Third, focusing on the frontier issues and disciplinary trends of physical education, in particular, in the field of P.E. teacher education, the policy of physical education in school, the history of physical education, early childhood physical education, teacher education, school sports policy, physical education history, early childhood sports, sports for the disabled, we explore the theory and practice of physical education in China, and contribute to the innovation of school-based physical education by providing ideas, solution and wisdom of Beijing Sport University. Fourth, with talents training and scientific research at our foundation, we respond to the needs of school-based physical education, participate in school-based physical education innovation and scientific research in higher education, secondary education and primary education deeply, provide education support to the central and western regions, and rural and remote areas, build the Beijing Sports University brand of sports serving society. Fifth, we enhance exchanges and cooperation with other education and physical education institutes or organizations both domestic and overseas, hold upscale conferences (or forums) in the field of physical education both domestic and overseas, learn the advanced experience of physical education in other regions and countries, share the latest achievements of Chinese physical education, and spread China's excellent physical education culture.