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Business School of Sports

BSU’s Business School of Sports has always adhered to the school-running philosophy of “high starting point, emphasis on innovation, internationalization and high end” to fulfill the mission of cultivating elites in sport business. So far the School contains such two undergraduate programs as “Sport Business Management” and “Economics” and the “Winter Sports Industry Management Class”. It has also obtained the conferring right for master and doctor degrees for the Sport Economy and Industry program under Sports Humanities and Social Sciences. The School has a profound deposit of culture with a history dating back to 1985 when a Sports Management major was established in the then PE department; the Sports Management department was established in 1987, from which the Sports Economic Management Class was separated in 1995; the Sports Industry Management major was established in 2006; and Sport Business Management program was established in 2011.

The School has a well-structured high-level faculty equipped with quick-minded, experienced and innovative teachers, including 4 doctoral supervisors and 13 master supervisors and 6 of them have an overseas education background. All teachers of the School have the doctoral degree of universities in Project “985” and Project “211”. Besides, some famous sport experts and industrial leaders both at home and abroad are also invited as guest professors or lecturers and take the charge of some courses.

The Business Administration Department now has 3 professors, 1 associate professor and 7 lecturers, and all the teachers have obtained the doctoral degree. Research fields mainly focus on value chain management and business model of sports industry, sports industry policy research, sports industry planning, research of winter sports industry development, Olympic venue development and utilization, sports marketing, sports event management, sports service operation management, and individual sports management, etc. In the field of business administration, it has gradually formed a series of multi-disciplinary management research results with sports characteristics. Teachers of the Department are equipped with rich practical management experience in sports organization feasibility study, consultation and decision-making, organizational design and business flow reengineering, sports industry planning, sports marketing and sports brand, etc. Among them, the professors serve as consultants and training experts in many sports enterprises and government agencies to provide intellectual support for their decision-making.

The Economics Department now has 1 professor, 4 associate professors and 4 lecturers, and all the teachers have obtained the doctoral degree. Research fields mainly focus on finance, banking and industrial economy. Relying on the characteristic platform of BSU, it has formed a series of multi-disciplinary research results such as stadium management, digital sports, sports lotteries, sports consumption and sports investment and financing. The wide interdisciplinary range has laid the foundation for developing distinct interdisciplinary programs.

In terms of international talent cultivation, the School strives to establish an international exchange platform for teachers and students through innovative school-running patterns. So far, it has established partnerships with a number of overseas famous institutions in teaching and scientific research, cooperation training, exchange student programs and joint training of excellent students abroad, in order to comprehensively promote international exchanges and enhance international influence. Partner institutions include University of Florida, Hague University of Applied Science, University of Lapland, University of Mainz, University of Cologne and Loughborough University, etc. In the future, the School will further increase cooperation programs and number of student cultivation with overseas famous institutions.

In terms of enrollment and employment, the School is a cultivator of outstanding inter-disciplinary and application-oriented talents with good moral traits, profound knowledge accumulation, excellent professional abilities, pioneering spirit and a global view. So far, it has cultivated a large number of outstanding talents in sport business management for the development of China’s sport economy and industry and the comprehensive quality of the graduates is widely praised by employers.

Employment directions of graduates from the School mainly include: high-end sports enterprises both at home and abroad, governmental agencies at all levels, various sport event management centers (associations) under General Administration of Sport of China (GASC), professional sports clubs and news media, etc. The initial employment rates over the past 3 years were all higher than the average of BSU. In addition, the proportion of undergraduates passing the postgraduate entrance exams, recommended postgraduates and postgraduates studying abroad for the master degree exceeded 35% of the total graduates.

In terms of campus life, the School regularly launches colorful cultural and sports activities, such as freshmen show, football league match, basketball league match, business challenge, dormitory cultural festival, singing contest, arts festival and business school forum, in order to promote the integrated development of students and improve their comprehensive quality.

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