Academic Division of Olympic Sports

BSU Secondary Sports School

BSU Secondary Sports School (hereinafter referred to as the Secondary Sports School) is a national competitive sports school directly under General Administration of Sport of China (GASC) approved by the State Council in October 1979 with the task of cultivating reserve talents for Olympic Games. Students are from all over the country and allowed for dual enrollment, namely, they can be enrolled both in BSU and various provinces and cities and participate in international and domestic competitions on behalf of their provinces or cities, and the delegacy can belong to the provinces or cities.

Since founding, with the high attention and care of Party and state leaders, the care and guidance of GASC and the direct leadership of BSU, and relying on the building of BSU into a base integrating education, training and research, the School focuses on the school-running orientation of “building a continuous cultivation system from primary school to postgraduate study and forging a high-level reserve talent cultivation base”. With the aim of cultivating well-cultured and virtuous high-level talents in competitive sports, the School adheres to BSU’s motto of “Pursuing Excellence” and the spirit of “patriotic, hardworking, practical-minded and innovative”, integrates study with training and insists scientific training and actively explores the school-running model of “sports-teaching integration”. As a result, it has cultivated a large number of excellent reserve talents for the country and become a demonstration base integrating education, training and research.

The School offers training programs for track and field, weightlifting, wrestling, judo, boxing, taekwondo, fencing, tennis, rhythmic gymnastics, karate, modern pentathlon, triathlon, rugby, water polo, handball and cross-country skiing. Currently, it has over 400 students at school, including 10 track and field coaches with 66 team members, 3 weightlifting coaches with 26 team members, 6 wrestling coaches with 64 team members, 5 judo coaches with 50 team members, 2 boxing coaches with 30 team members, 4 taekwondo coaches with 80 team members; 1 fencing coach with 10 team members, 2 tennis coaches with 10 team members, 5 rhythmic gymnastics coaches with 32 team members; 1 karate coach with 16 team members, 1 modern pentathlon coach with 10 team members; 1 triathlon coach with 8 team members, 3 rugby coaches with 28 team members, 1 cross-country skilling coach with 30 team members, 2 handball coaches with 56 team members and 1 water polo coach with 30 team members. Number of coaches, general knowledge course teachers, administrative staff and logistic support personnel is totally 112. Among them, there are 45 coaches, including 15 national-level coaches and 16 senior coaches; 22 used to coach in national teams and 6 serve as international referees; and 21 have obtained a master degree or above. Many of the coaches have been awarded the “May 1st Labor Medals”, “National March 8 Red-banner Pacesetters”, “National May 4th Youth Medals”, “National Outstanding Coaches”, “Provincial Model Workers” and other honors. There are 12 general knowledge course teachers, 3 senior lecturers, 14 administrative staff members, 2 associate professors, 41 logistic support staff members and 2 secondary technicians.

Over the past 40 years, the School has cultivated a large number of devoted professional coaches and high-level outstanding sports talents equipped with certain scientific knowledge. Among them, Chen Zhong, Wang Xu, Zhang Guozheng, Luo Wei and Zhang Xiangxiang totally won 6 Olympic gold medals and 6 Olympic silver medals and 3 bronze medals; accumulatively, students from the School have won 65 gold medals, 45 silver medals and 52 bronze medals in world championships and World Cups, 130 gold medals, 80 silver medals and 79 bronze medals in Asian competitions, and 1,721 gold medals, 1,302 silver medals and 1,083 bronze medals in national competitions. At the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games, in particular, Chen Zhong won a gold medal in the women’s +67kg competition in Taekwondo, and other students of the School also won 1 silver medal and 2 bronze medals in women’s judo and men’s weightlifting respectively, ending the history that BSU and the School had never won an Olympic medal and gold medal. At the 2004 Athens Olympic Games, our students won 4 gold medals, 1 silver medal, an award of the 6th place and an award of the 7th place. At the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, Zhang Xiangxiang won a gold medal in the men’s 62kg weightlifting, and Sun Dan and Zhang Shuo won 1 silver medal in the group competition of rhythmic gymnastics. At the 2012 London Olympic Games, Xu Lili won a silver medal in women’s judo, and Jing Ruixue won a silver medal in women’s wrestling.

Our school-running philosophy pays attention to international exchanges and cooperation and we have successively established partnerships with Seoul Advanced Sports School and IT School of South Korea to continuously strengthen inter-school exchanges.

Guided by the strategy of building China from a major sports country to a country strong on sports, the School is embarking passionately on a new journey featuring resource conservation, diversified development and scientific training to continuously improve the teaching, training, research and management level. In response to the “three strategies” of the country and the “three major tasks” in sports, the School aligns itself to the “three transformations” of BSU to improve its comprehensive competitiveness, striving to build a first-class sports school featuring “talents, gold medals and experience”.


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