Academic Division of Humanities and Social Sciences

School of Humanities

The predecessor of the School of Humanities of Beijing Sport University was the International Cultural College. In 2019, in order to implement the requirements of BSU for the “double first-class” construction and the comprehensive reform for “three transformations”, the International Cultural College was renamed the School of Humanities (hereinafter referred to as the School), which is committed to building an open, international, high-level and distinctive interdisciplinary research platform of literature, history, philosophy and art to promote the further integration of humanities and sports. The School has two undergraduate majors (International Education of Chinese Language; Chinese Language and Literature) and two research centers, namely, the Center for General Education (non-physical institution) and the Research Center for Sports Philosophy and History.

The School has introduced numerous talents in recent years for the development of disciplines. At present, there are 22 full-time teachers, 4 post-doctoral teachers and 6 administrative staff members. The faculty includes high-level talents, overseas returnees, overseas guest professors and post-doctoral teachers. The teachers with doctorate degrees account for 61.5%, and the research direction covers complete disciplines in various fields, such as International Education of Chinese Language, Language Teaching Theory, Second Language Acquisition, Modern Chinese Language, Ancient Chinese Language, Ancient Literature, Modern and Contemporary Literature, Foreign Literature, Theory of Literature and Art, Study on Chinese Classical Documents, Philosophy, and Physical Education. The teachers have undertaken three national-level social science projects, five provincial and ministerial projects and eight university-level projects in a good situation of full coverage of various levels, which initially shows the scientific research strength and development potential of the School in the fields such as the Humanistic Sociology of Physical Education, Ancient Chinese Literature, Chinese philosophy, and International Education of Chinese Language.

The teachers of the School teach undergraduates and foreign students the specialized courses of International Education of Chinese Language and the public courses (including general education courses and aesthetic education courses). At present, there are 220 undergraduates majoring in International Education of Chinese Language, and remarkable results have been achieved in the training of professional talents. In 2018 and 2019, the graduation rates were 100% and 98%, and the employment rates were 94.2% and 96.1%, respectively. In 2020, the graduation rate is 100% and nearly 50% of students took part in postgraduate entrance exams. A total of more than 60 students were admitted to well-known universities at home and abroad for master’s degree, including Renmin University of China, Beijing Normal University, Beijing Foreign Studies University, Oxford University, Johns Hopkins University, and University of Edinburgh. The School has a long history and rich experience in teaching foreign students, and develops an excellent tradition. It has cultivated more than 28,000 foreign students and advanced students from 120 countries in the long-term and short-term manners since BSU enrolled foreign students in 1957. In 2017, the scholarship of “Belt and Road Sports Talents of Beijing Sport University” was established for the first time to enroll 100 foreign students from 42 countries and regions. In terms of general education, the School is committed to building a curriculum system with the characteristics of BSU that covers the creation of core value, the consolidation of basic literacy and the improvement of comprehensive literacy, which effectively promotes the comprehensive development of students and supports the future development of students in the long term. The academic activities sponsored by the School such as the General Education Lectures of BSU, the BSU Forum of Humanities, the Lectures of Foreign Experts, and the Academic Salon of the School of Humanities have been well received both inside and outside BSU.

Always taking the achievements in strengthening moral education and cultivating people as the fundamental task of talent training, insisting on the integration of knowledge instruction and value guidance, and adhering to the academic motto of “Dedication to Academic Achievements and Sports Development based on Moral Education”, the School of Humanities is committed to training the comprehensive and international talents with both academic achievements and sports development that have a solid foundation of knowledge in Chinese Language and Literature, a good teaching ability with Chinese as a second language, a broad international vision, a good cross-cultural communication ability and good physical fitness and are competent in the related work in the sports system or various enterprises and institutions or cultural education institutions. Therefore, the School actively carries out academic cooperation and exchange activities at home and abroad with the relatively high internationalization of schooling. It has set up overseas teaching and practice bases for Chinese as a Foreign Language and Martial Arts at prestigious universities and colleges in the U.S., Canada, Norway, Australia, Japan, South Korea, and the EU countries, cooperated with the Confucius Institute in Norway, Juntendo University in Japan, and Springfield University and Western Michigan University in the U.S., and sent outstanding students to Norway, Japan and the U.S. for overseas teaching internships. Meanwhile, it is also responsible for teaching Chinese language to the foreign students of long-term and short-term preparatory classes in China and at the Confucius Institutes overseas and promoting the Chinese culture.

The waves will be braved someday to sail to the sea. Renamed newly with youthful spirit, the School of Humanities strives to rank among the top world-class sports universities by taking advantage of the rare historical opportunities and starting from a new historical point. It will continue to carry forward the spirit of Always Striving to Fulfill Our Mission, adhere to the high-end, integrated, international and collaborative talent training methods, condensed the teaching characteristics, improve the scientific research, accelerate the development of a master’s degree program of the major International Education of Chinese Language and the integrated training of undergraduate and postgraduate talents, and promote the in-depth integration of humanities with sports, education, science and technology, making more contributions to the double first-class construction of BSU.