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Sports Training Facilities

Beijing Sport University has built modern indoor and outdoor sports venues of more than 200,000m2 with advanced construction concepts and configuration, including the indoor teaching and training venues for basketball, volleyball, table tennis, tennis, martial arts, gymnastics, swimming and comprehensive training and the outdoor teaching and training venues for basketball, tennis, volleyball, football, outdoor development, kick-ball (or Cuju, ancient Chinese soccer) and roller skating.

The new natatorium is equipped with a mobile pontoon that complies with FINA standards for teaching, training and competitions at the swimming pool length of 50m and 25m. The under-floor heating system is adopted based on the characteristics of swimming sports.

The comprehensive sports hall, gymnasium, comprehensive tennis training hall, Ying Tung track and field stadium and other venues are equipped with advanced physical training equipment, which can provide fitness training for more than 1,000 people simultaneously.

Dining Services

The student canteen covers an area of more than 10,000m2 with about 3,000 dining seats, which guarantees the dining needs of about 10,000 teachers and students at BSU. It has two ordinary dining halls (including a halal dining hall), three specialty restaurants and a western restaurant on three floors to provide dining services for teachers and students. The ordinary dining hall on the first floor guarantees the basic dining needs of teachers and students; the three specialty restaurants on the second floor meet their dining needs for different regional flavors and tastes with diverse food varieties; the ordinary halal dining hall on the third floor guarantees the dining needs of teachers and students of ethnic groups, and the western restaurant on the third floor mainly provides food of Western flavors.


There are a total of sixteen apartment buildings (more than 2,400 dormitories) for undergraduates, postgraduates and international students at BSU, which can meet the accommodation needs of more than 10,000 students of various educational systems. Each dormitory is equipped with air conditioning and furniture such as beds, tables and cabinets.

The apartment buildings are provided with 24-hour doorman duty, cleaning and maintenance services, self-service washing machines and vending machines. There are also indoor toilets and bathing facilities in some buildings. The electricity is provided for these apartments in accordance with the relevant regulations of Beijing Municipal Education Commission.

Campus Network service

BSU’s Campus Network construction started in 2001 and has now realized full coverage of wired and wireless network. A “Smart Campus” has been built including various application systems including integrated educational administration system, financial system, scientific research system and campus card to comprehensively meet the learning and living needs of students. 

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The Library of Beijing Sport University, founded in 1953, is one of the biggest libraries in the sport field in China. We have more than 1 million book collections, 1.5 million eBook and eJournal collections and over 60 Chinese and foreign databases. We are the only library with the Olympic Library & Information Center (OLIC), the anti-doping information center of Chinese Olympic Committee and Mr. He Zhenliang and the Olympic literature special collection department. The target of our library is to become a multifunctional, modernized sports documentation and information center for China and the whole world.

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