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Dear applicants,
We welcome you to apply for programs of Beijing Sport University. We list some frequently asked questions you may come across the process of application for your reference.

1. Where can I find the enrollment brochure?

Degree Programs:

Visiting Student Programs:

Short-term Programs:

2. Where can I find information related to scholarship application?

3. Can I apply for programs for international students of Beijing Sport University if I hold green card of XX country?

No. According to the Quality Standards for Higher Education for International Students in China of the Ministry of Education, “Chinese citizens, who applies for international student programs opened by universities or colleges after migrating to another country, should hold valid foreign passports or certificates of foreign nationality, which prove that the nationality was obtained at least four years (including four years) ago, and should provide records that the applicants reside in foreign countries for at least two years in the past four years (before 30th April of the year of admission). Applicants who reside in foreign countries for more than nine months are deemed as residing in the country for one year. Exact duration is subject to stamps of entry and exit by the customs.

4. Do I have to submit my English test scores when applying for the programs?
Yes. English test scores are required for non-native English applicants. IETLS 6.0 or above is required.

Applicants with qualified HSK scores are not required to submit English test scores. HSK Level 4 is required for applicants for undergraduate programs while HSK Level 5 is required for applicants for postgraduate and doctoral programs. Candidates will be selected based on their performance.

5. When is the deadline for application?

30th June 2020.

6. Is there an interview after the application?

We will send schedule of interview by email to qualified applicants, after reviewing all documents submitted. Please regularly check your email.

7. How to pay tuition and accommodation fees?
Before October 2020, students pay the fees with a payment slip issued by the university. (The International Office / the Financial Office issues the bill – financial officers will provide students with the payment slip with QR code --- students make the payment at banks with the payment slip.) Students should pay the fees on time.

8. If I have already paid accommodation fee, can I get the refund or convert the accommodation fee to tuition fee if I want to check out ahead of schedule?
No. Accommodation fee is neither refundable nor convertible once being paid.

9. Are authenticated transcript and graduation certificate required for the application?
Yes. Documents should be provided with English translation. Applicants who have not obtained transcripts or graduation certificates should provide certificates issued by their schools or embassies of their countries written in English.

10. Is physical report required?

Yes. Applicants may go to local hospitals and have physical check-up of items required for overseas study, and upload physical report in English.

11. Do I have to get in touch with supervisor if I am planning to apply for the doctoral program?

Yes. Applicants for the doctoral program should get in touch with supervisors beforehand, and submit application after gaining the acceptance by the supervisors.

12. Do I have to send original copies of the documents?

Not necessary. Documents can be uploaded online.

13. When is the video interview?

Early July.

14. When can I have the result of application?

Mid July.

15. Contact details

Contact person:
Ms. Chen Simiao (in charge of student admission in 2020)


Address: Room 132, North Administrative Building, Room 132, Beijing Sport University.

If you have any other questions, please contact us by email or by phone. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!