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Science and Technology Work Summary in 2019

In 2019, BSU strived to promote the construction of the school's scientific and technological innovation system, focusing on the comprehensive reform of "three transformations", taking platform construction as the starting point, project management as the foundation, capacity improvement as the method, and policy improvement as the guarantee to carry out the Olympic Games Scientific and technological research and service work to build a new academic image for the Beijing Sport University.

Scientific research project

In 2019, 122 scientific research projects (topics) was approved, including 18 national scientific research projects (topics): There are 2 projects in the “2019 Hi-tech Winter Olympics” project of the National Key Research and Development Plan, and 1 special major research project of "Accelerating the Construction of a Philosophy and Social Science System with Chinese Characteristics, Academic System, and Discourse System" of the National Social Science Fund of China in 2019. 1 major project, 1 key project, 7 general projects, 1 youth project, 1 subsidized project, and 1 general art project of the National Social Science Fund of China; 1 Key Project of pedagogy; 2 Youth Projects of National Natural Science Foundation of China. The number of state-level projects has reached a record high.

In terms of scientific research achievements, Modern Badminton Specialized Competition System and Training Participation Mechanism won the second prize of pedagogy in the 15th Beijing Philosophy and Social Science Outstanding Achievement Award.

Platform construction

Beijing Sport University established the "Research Center for Aerodynamic Drag Reduction" and "Intelligent Sports Equipment R & D Center (Ice and Snow Sports Equipment Sports Risk and Effectiveness Evaluation Center)" to follow national key research strategic tasks, and carry out scientific and technological research in competitive sports and public fitness, research and development of key core technologies of sports equipment, and risk & effectiveness assessment for winter sports.

Meanwhile, we will promote the construction of existing 16 provincial, ministerial and school-level scientific research platforms to actively carry out scientific research, explore new methods, new technologies, and new concepts. Focus on science and technology researches in preparation for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games and the XXIV Olympic Winter Games to better serve the national strategy and improve the level of competitive sports in China.

Held the "International Winter Olympic Culture Forum" (Sports Philosophy and Social Science Research Base of General Administration of Sports of China)

Provide scientific and technological services for multiple national teams preparing for the XXIV Olympic Winter Games (Key Laboratory of Performance Training and Body Function Recovery of the General Administration of Sport of China)

Teachers of BSU have carried out many popular science propaganda and training in CCTV10, Xiamen Library and other places (Key Laboratory of Performance Training and Body Function Recovery of the General Administration of Sport of China) to promote the nationwide fitness campaign

Carry out scientific and technological services for sports teams and national fitness research services (Key Laboratory of Stress Adaptation of the General Administration of Sport of China)

Actively carry out scientific and technological assistance and scientific and technological research services for high-level sports teams, strengthen basic research, solve major theoretical issues, and strive to improve the scientific level of team training at all levels (Key Laboratory of Sports Training of the General Administration of Sport of China) / to respond to major national needs

Jointly establish the key laboratory of the National Radio and Television Administration, the Radio and Television Artificial Intelligence Application Laboratory, and the Innovative Application Laboratory of Ultra-High-Definition Television with the Academy of Broadcasting Science, NRTA. And successfully carried out multi-camera broadcast of sports events, multi-channel commentary, VR panoramic live broadcast, mobile phone live broadcast, and conducted 5G + 8K + 5.1 surround sound live broadcast test and large-scale user audio-visual experience survey (Sports Event Production and Broadcasting Lab)

Further improve the layout of scientific research platform. After the Research Center of Winter Olympic Culture was selected as the China Think Tank Index (CTTI) Source Think Tank, the Research Institute of Traditional Chinese Sports, and the Research Center of Sports Industry Development of BSU were also officially selected as CTTI. So far, the three domestic sports CTTI Source Think Tank were all selected from BSU. The layout of the scientific research platform of the laboratory, research base and think tank of BSU has been further improved.

China Think Tank Index (CTTI) Source Think Tank-Sports

Subordinate unit

Selected time

Research Center of Winter Olympic Culture

Beijing Sport University

December, 2018

Research Center of Sports Industry Development

Beijing Sport University

December, 2019

Research Institute of Traditional Chinese Sports

Beijing Sport University

December, 2019

The 2nd Frontier Forum of Winter Olympic Culture (Winter Olympic Culture Research Center)

Technology Promotes Olympics

BSU, as the lead unit of the project "Special Ability Characteristics of Athletes in Winter Sport Events and Key Techniques for Scientific Selection" in the “Hi-tech Winter Olympics” project of the National Key Research and Development Plan, actively carries out research on the Olympic Winter Games and the Olympics. Studies to include; Reconstructed the characteristics of special athletes' special abilities and establish a theoretical model; Sorted out the current selection and training system for reserve talents in China, and initially established a selection index for young athletes; Mastered the basic data of excellent athletes and young athletes in winter events, and established a reserve talent pool; Overcame the key problems that restrict the improvement of athletes' competitive performance in some winter events.

The project team tested the special ability level of 106 ice hockey players

The project team conducted daily blood index tests on athletes / The project team tested the body shape, function and quality of 18 Chinese ice hockey players from HC Kunlun Red Star MHL

Video shooting of athletes' competition techniques / The project team calibrated the complex terrain in three dimensions

Entrusted by the Beijing Winter Olympics Organising Committee, BSU led the work on Research and Report Preparation Services for Third-Party Professional Institutions of the Beijing 2022 Olympics and Paralympic Winter Games to study the sport, economic, social, cultural, environmental, urban and regional development in 7 aspects of the rich heritage, systematically build the Winter Olympic heritage highlights including "300 Million People Participating in the Ice and Snow Sports" and "Global Dural Olympic City", and scientifically construct the evaluation system of the Winter Olympic heritage indicators that can be promoted globally to accumulate valuable wealth for the long-term development of the city.

The project team held a seminar and exchange meeting on the Winter Olympics heritage work

In order to develop the supporting role of science and technology in sports training and competitions, BSU has actively formed a complex scientific research and medical team, serving more than 50 national teams in summer and winter projects, and disabled people's projects. The team can provide timely and effective scientific research and medical security on physical training, function monitoring, injury prevention, sports nutrition, technical and tactical analysis, data management and analysis, information intelligence collection and processing to optimize team operation management and performance evaluation.

Modern pentathlon national team Wingate anaerobic power test, laser running training monitoring (CATAPULT) (Bao Dapeng team) / Special Strength Training for the National Men’s Boxing Team, and the Foot Pressure Test for the National Rifle Team (Zhou Aiguo and Xie Yongmin Team)

National Cross-country Ski Team Technology Service (Lv Yuanyuan Team)

National Ski Jumping Team Technology Service (Zhang Liwei and Ai Lixin Team)

National Swimming Team 3D Starting Force Dynamometer Test (Gao Jie team)

Triathlon National Team Technology Service (Zhou Yue and Wang Jun Team)

Science and Technology Service of National Pole Vault Team (Xu Zhanming Team)

National Table Tennis Team Technology Service (Zhang Yingqiu Team)

Scientific research personnel of BSU have actively served more than 50 national teams such as summer, winter and disabled people's projects, including various aspects of psychology, physical ability, rehabilitation, language and other teams' service guarantee work. 48 purchase and service contracts were signed with the project management centers of the General Administration of Sport of China, which has achieved the scientific research guarantee.

Han Jiahao and Bian Yufei won the Gold Medal in World Cup Hungary Modern Pentathlon Medley Relay (Bao Dapeng and Jiang Banghua Team)

Badminton Sudirman Cup World Medley Team Tournament Champion (Li Chunlei Team)

Won 1st place in the 2019 FIBA 3X3 Women's Basketball World Cup Adult Team (Zheng Lei Team)

Press Conference after the Olympic Qualifying Competition (Xu Xiaofei Team)

Nationwide Fitness Campaign

Carried out key special research on active health and aging response, actively assisted the integration of exercise and medicine and non-medical health interventions. As the leading unit of the project "Key Technology Research on Personalized Precise Guidance Program for Human Health Promotion of Health", it has promoted the start and implementation of various topics, initially completed the establishment of a literature library and community intervention experimental base, and established the accurate energy consumption test methods for different exercise methods. A total of 994 subjects were tested for the effectiveness of the comprehensive training program, and a set of traditional sports health exercises was created.

Adult group energy consumption test at different speeds

Pre-training of energy consumption test

Tai Chi energy consumption test for the elderly group

The project team carried out the exercise ability test and blood collection

The project team launched martial arts fitness and organized national fitness activities

BSU is committed to the education and social service work, such as the 8th National Student Physical and Health Survey, the promotion of physical health of children, the integration of exercise and medicine and non-medical health interventions, the national fitness publicity and the transformation of scientific and technological achievements to promote the implementation of the National Student Physical Health Standards.

The Key Laboratory of Sports and Physical Health of the Ministry of Education fully carried out the national fitness campaign, and took the lead in the 8th National Student Physical and Health research work, which ensured the steady improvement of the national students' physical health

Achievement Transformation

BSU won 25 patents in 2019, and the scientific and technological achievement transformation products have initially formed several development directions such as coach training, sports quality assessment, water fitness, and intelligent venue equipment. In order to further promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, we would further explore the cooperation mode of the school base. BSU signed a school-field cooperation agreement with the Jilin Municipal Government and conducted scientific research on sports health promotion with 14 companies, providing professional evaluation system design, data analysis, and standardized application guidance for companies.

Beijing Sport University and Jilin Municipal Government signed a cooperation agreement

A discussion and exchange conference with He Xiaoxiang, Vice President of R & D, Huawei was held

The Development of On-Site Law Enforcement Standards for Table Tennis Referees (inventor: Zhang Yingqiu)

Human body dynamic balance quality tester (inventor: Li Songbo)

Water exercise bike (inventor: Peng Yi)

Multifunction lights for competition training (inventor: Li Jie)

Academic Exchange

In order to promote discipline construction and talent cultivation, and strengthen academic exchanges at home and abroad, colleges and scientific research platforms have held international and domestic forums to discuss in depth and seek common development.

"Belt and Road" Sports Education Forum

The 3rd International Forum on “Exercise and Healthy China 2030”

The 2nd Winter Olympics Cultural Frontier Research Forum

The 2nd Sino-Finnish Ice and Snow Sports Cooperation Forum

International Forum on Sports Training of the "Belt and Road"

The First International Scientific Dance Forum

The First International Forum on the Spread of Sports Events

The First China International Physical Fitness Conference

BSU organized more than 400 teachers and students to participate in the 11th National Sports Science Conference. A total of 454 papers were admitted, ranking first.

Held the Seminar of “Studying General Secretary Xi Jinping’s Major Discussions about Sports and the Spirits of Replying to Students of the 2016 Champion Class”.