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International Sports Organization Institute 2016 French Experimental class France exchange study trip

In the age of globalization, it is essential to have an international perspective. Beijing Sport University attaches great importance to internationalization and supports students in international exchange activities. For a long time, especially after the outbreak of COVID-19, Beijing Sport University has paid more attention to the physical and mental health and study life of overseas students, which has made all international exchange activities of Beijing Sport University run smoothly and orderly.

In March 2020, all the students of the 2016 French experimental class of the School of International Sports Organizations of Beijing Sport University have completed their one-year study in France and returned to China in accordance with the relevant national epidemic prevention policies in the same month. The students of the experimental class carefully sorted out and summarized their learning life Châteauroux, France.

Daily study and life


After 10 months of study, students’ French has been greatly improved. Through language practice in class and practical application in daily life, students not only improve their language level significantly, but also increase their knowledge of French culture and sports.

Université d’Orléans offers has a large number of courses that help students learn languages at high intensity and frequency. The course content is very comprehensive, including not only the comprehensive training of French listening, speaking, reading and writing, but also the knowledge popularization of French culture and sports.


In addition to learning French in school, social practice also promoted students' language application. Students regularly went to canoe club, badminton club and other sports clubs to practice their language, getting daily to know the life of the French. Students were exposed to a lot of life language in their daily life that they can't be taught in class. In the daily practice, the students' French level is constantly improving.

Obtain qualifications and Graduate

Qualification examination is an important basis for testing students' language level. In the past 10 months, three students have signed up or have taken the DALF / Delf French proficiency test, and two students have signed up for the TCF French level examination. So far, one student has obtained the B2 level certificate and one student has obtained the C1 level certificate. All the students in the experimental class have reached the required internship time and got the internship report. All the students have successfully completed the first draft of graduation thesis.

After school life

The extracurricular life of the French experimental class of 2016 is very colorful. On January 24, Chinese New Year's Eve, all the students went to the university town to watch the gala. On February 18, Ambassador Lu Shaye of the Chinese Embassy in France paid a visit. Ambassador Lu expressed his care to all the teachers and students of Université d’Orléans. He praised Beijing Sport University's pioneering educational thinking in running a school, and said that the Education Department of the Chinese Embassy in France would fully support and take care of the Chinese students in Université d’Orléans.

The road back to China in a special period

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, teachers and students of the experimental class have held plenary meetings almost every week to share the domestic epidemic situation and strengthen their patriotism. At the same time, teachers and students actively prepare protective equipment and share health and action status in strict accordance with the school epidemic prevention management regulations.

At the beginning of March, according to China's epidemic prevention policy at that time, after consultation with Université d’Orléans, the university formulated a detailed overall plan for returning to China and a detailed "one person one case" policy. Teachers and students were all fully prepared for their return trip, reported to the Chinese Embassy in France and the domestic territorial government in strict accordance with the requirements. All teachers and students actively cooperate with the crew, customs and other staff to carry out inspection, registration and various epidemic prevention tests. All teachers and students returned to the motherland smoothly and safely.