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2021 National Track and Field Championships harvest 4 gold and 4 silver for our students and teachers

On 13 March, the 2021 National Indoor Athletics Invitational (Southwest Region) concluded at the Rhinopool Athletics Base in Chengdu, Sichuan. The event was the first national indoor competition to be held after a two-year gap, and the runners all showed a strong spirit of participation and competitive form. In this leg of the competition, 20 of our students and teachers competed and collected 4 golds, 4 silvers, 12 finalists in various individual events and 5 personal best results.


Li Ling collected the title at 4.60m (ranked second in the world) in the competition

Li Ling (Coach: Zhou Tie Min), a teacher of our school, won the women's pole vault with a mark of 4.60m.


Chen Qiaoling in the competition

Chen Qiaoling (Coach: Zhou Tie Min), our 2018 undergraduate student, set a personal best with a mark of 4.40m to finish second.


Su Bingtian in the race

Su Bingtian, our 2019 PhD student, won the men's 60m with a time of 6.49 seconds.


Yang Huizhen practising the start

Yang Huizhen (Coach: Zhou Yubin), a teacher at our school, won the women's 200m final with a time of 23.83 seconds in the event.


Wu Zhiqiang in the race

Wu Zhiqiang (Coach: Zhou Wei), our 2017 Master's student, finished second in the men's 60m with a time of 6.63 seconds, setting a personal best. He hopes to compete for his country in the 4x100m relay event at the Tokyo Olympics.


Zhu Yaming in the race

Zhu Yaming, our 2017 undergraduate student, won the men's triple jump event with a mark of 17.32m, which is the third best in the world this season.


Wu Yanni  preparing for the competition

Wu Yanni (Coach: Yang Hui), our 2017 undergraduate student, set a personal best of 8.18 seconds in the women's 60m hurdles to finish second in the event. Teammate Chen Yuyang (a competitive gymnastics student) set a personal best time of 8.65 seconds to finish seventh in the event.