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Comprehensive preparations for the Winter Olympic Games – BSU has strengthened training and reserve of technical officials for the Winter Olympic Games

Preparations for the Beijing Winter Olympic Games has already entered a critical stage. Starting from this year, there will be 15 test events for the Winter Olympic Games and 5 test competitions for the Winter Paralympics. The demand for talents will increase substantially.

Beijing Sport University actively responds to the national strategy, adheres to the two main lines of preparing for the Winter Olympics and serving the Winter Olympics, and fully participates in the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games.

In terms of Olympic services, the school gives full play to the advantages of the industry and talents, encourages and supports teachers and students to actively participate in the training and service of technical officials in winter Olympic projects, and encourages teachers and students to work in the relevant international and domestic sports organizations.

In addition, 23 people have received executive and technical training related to the Winter Olympics project, and have accumulated educational and practical experience. With the help of the platform of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, the university will also actively promote the professional development of winter sports and the cultivation of winter sports professionals.