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Big news | Training and competition inventory of Beijing Sport University in 2019

The year 2019 is the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China and the beginning of the full implementation of the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the CPC. Under the correct leadership of the school party committee, all functional departments, units and colleges of the school worked together. All coaches, athletes and referees worked hard, and achieved excellent results in training and competition. Facing 2020 and looking back to 2019, the year-end memorabilia of our school's training and competition is freshly released.

Strengthen ideological and political construction and carry out theme-focused education activity

Organize and carry out the theme-focused education activities of "remain true to the original aspiration and keep in mind the mission". Organize and study the spirit of General Secretary Xi's reply to our school's championship class. Take "Spirit of Chinese Women Volleyball Team" as the main line running through the ideal and belief education of sports teams. Adopt colorful and popular ways to carry out ideological and political education in classrooms and venues, and closely integrate it with athletes' ideals and beliefs.

The reply from General Secretary Xi aroused a warm response at Beijing Sport University. School leaders attached great importance to and actively organized the teachers and students of the school to study earnestly the General Secretary’s reply. A learning craze for the general secretary's spirit with the theme of “Always Striving to Fulfill Our Mission” was seen in the school.

On September 29, 2019, the Chinese women's volleyball team won the 2019 World Cup championship with 11 victories, won the World Cup for the fifth time, and also won the tenth trophy of the world's "three major competitions". General Secretary Xi sent a congratulatory message to the Chinese women's volleyball team after the game and cordially met with representatives of the women's volleyball team. The Chinese women's volleyball team demonstrated the spirit of supremacy of the motherland, solidarity and cooperation, tenacious struggle, and never-say-die in the game, which encouraged and inspired all the Chinese people. The Office of Training and Competition has specially compiled a material assembly for the school sports teams to learn.

Give full play to the functions of preparing for the Olympic Games and do a good job in service guarantee

As the school's Olympic preparation service office, in accordance with the clear instructions and requirements of Director Zhong Wen at the Olympic preparation work meeting, we co-ordinate 22 units and departments of the school to solve the worries of coaches and athletes preparing for the Olympics in teaching, ideological and political education, scientific research and logistics service guarantee.

At present, 10 coaches of our school are preparing for the Olympics in the national team, involving 8 sports events such as track and field and taekwondo.

Our track and field athletes Li Ling, Zhu Yaming, Gong Lijiao, Su Bingtian and Liu Hong; Taekwondo athlete Zheng Shuyin; rhythmic gymnast Xu Yanshu and Liu Xin; and wrestler Rong Ningning have already obtained the admission tickets of Tokyo Olympics in 4 major events and 8 minor events. At the same time, there are still athletes in other events that are actively preparing for the Tokyo Olympics.

The results of the training and competition are gratifying

In 2019, Beijing Sport University sent more than 600 people to participate in various types of competitions and achieved excellent results.

Won a total of 61 championships, 70 second places and 60 third places, and ranked among top eight for 73 times in national games;

Won a total of 87 championships, 53 second places and 59 third prizes, and ranked among top eight for 82 times in world games;

Won a total of 78 championships, 48 second places and 51 third prizes, and ranked among top eight for 49 times in university games;

In the 30th World University Games, our school sent a total of 18 athletes and 4 coaches to participate in the fencing, tennis, taekwondo, swimming, volleyball and diving competitions. Our athletes won a total of 3 gold medals (first gold medal for diving, and 2 gold medals for tennis balls) and 1 bronze medal (tennis), and 4 people entered the top eight.

2019 Beijing Sport University Training Competition Transcript

More than 270 people participated in many national college competitions

61 people won the championship

70 people won the second place

60 people won the third place

73 people entered the top eight

More than 290 people participated in many world-class events

87 people won the world championship

53 people won the second place

59 people won the third place

82 people entered the top eight

The 30th World University Games

18 athletes

4 coaches

6 events

3 gold medals (first for diving, and 2 for tennis balls)

1 bronze medal (tennis)

4 people entered the top 8

7th CISM Military World Games

42 teachers and students participated

12 competitive events

21 gold medals

11 silver medals

8 bronze medals

Break three competition records

Referee work in full bloom

Vigorously carried out in-depth research activities, and promulgated the "Administrative Measures for Sports Referees of Beijing Sport University" to increase the school's overall management and training of referees.

A total of 50 teachers of our school have undertaken the refereeing work in 82 major domestic and foreign competitions. Among them, 23 international referees, adhering to a fair, rigorous and demanding attitude, provided a strong guarantee for the smooth progress of the event and the athletes to create excellent results, and is widely recognized by the organizing committee, coaches and athletes.

Beijing Sport University Referee Committee issued the "Administrative Measures for Sports Referees of Beijing Sport University" .

A total of 50 teachers (including 23 international referees) of our school conducted refereeing in 82 major domestic and international competitions .

In 2019, a total of 765 students from Beijing Sport University took and passed the exams for referees of the first, second and third category.

268 referees of the first category

239 referees of the third category

358 referees of the second category

A total of 765 people

Healthy China, serving the society, and fulfilling major national tasks

We undertook the first workers' sports meeting of the Central Office of the Communist Party of China, in which the number of participants reached 3,000, and received a letter of thanks from the General Office of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China;

We undertook the first employee sports meeting of the central and state organs, table tennis and radio gymnastics competitions, radio gymnastics and tai chi training, and the performance of the opening ceremony. Nearly 10,000 participants participated in the competition and training;

We undertook the performance of the opening ceremony and of the five-a-side football match in the Cross-strait Sports Exchange Games held by the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council and the Beijing Municipal Government. With superb professional skills and orderly competition organization, we received a letter from the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council for thanks;

In accordance with the overall deployment of poverty alleviation work of the General Administration of Sport of China, we organized the “Olympic Champions Tour for Thousands of Miles” and “National College Basketball Competition”;

We undertook the training of the 18th World Police and Fire Games of the Ministry of Public Security. We gave full play to the school's professional advantages in coaches, training systems, scientific and technological research and physical rehabilitation, and worked together to build a new model of police-civilian integration.

"Pure sports"-carry out anti-doping publicity education and ethics and discipline education

General Secretary Xi Jinping has made important instructions on anti-doping work on many occasions. The party committee of BSU attaches great importance to anti-doping work and always emphasizes that anti-doping work must be carried out constantly and thoroughly. The Office of Training and Competition actively explored the innovative model of anti-doping work. It organized an “anti-doping education and training activity” for all sports teams of BSU, and compiled the “Anti-Doping Booklets” and distributed it to every coach and athlete, so that everyone could fully understand the international practice and procedures of representation. In this case, the coaches and athletes could not only prevent problems before they happen, but also have the knowledge to deal with crises.

At the same time, we carefully sorted out the related problems that occurred during the participation of our school sports team and organized various styles of theme-focused education activities on ethics and discipline, so as to further enhance the sense of responsibility and mission of coaches and athletes and help them cultivate good professional ethics and establish a correct core values.

Postgraduate exemption of examinations and major performance awards for excellent athletes

In 2019, a total of 101 athletes of 16 sports events in our school submitted applications for exemption. In the end, the school determined that 48 athletes were eligible for exemption, accounting for 47% of the total number of applicants, which effectively solved the worries of excellent athletes about continued training and preparations for the Olympics.

In 2019, a total of 2.93 million yuan was awarded for events with significant achievements in the Office of Training and Competition. A total of 42 coaches and referees were awarded. Among them, non-Olympic events accounted for about 5%, and Olympic events accounted for about 95%. Non-Olympic events mainly included aerobics, cheerleading, roller skating, sports dance, and Sanda. Olympic events mainly included track and field, women’s wrestling, artistic gymnastics, boxing, judo, taekwondo, karate, weightlifting, fencing, swimming, freestyle wrestling, football, and pole vault.