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Guangming Daily published the achievement of teachers of BSU to lead the public to participate in national fitness

On August 5, Guangming Daily reported the story of four teachers in Beijing Sport University who led the public to participate in national fitness program.


Have Fun in Ice and Snow Sports

Narrator: Wang Chunlu, Deputy Secretary General of China Hockey Association and Dean of China Ice Hockey (curling) Sports Academy of Beijing Sport University.

I used to be a short track speed skater. I won 25 world championships in more than 20 years. Since my retirement as an athlete, I have been involved in the popularization of ice and snow sports. "Making more than 300 million People in China to participate in ice and snow sports", general Secretary Xi Jinping's earnest entrust, has brought unprecedented opportunities for the development of ice and snow sports.

After the successful bid for the Winter Olympic Games, more people know about ice and snow sports. I hope that through my efforts, more people will like ice and snow sports.


Record short fitness videos,taking netizen exercise for keeping fit online

Narrator: Bao Ke, deputy secretary of the General Party branch of China Football Academy, Beijing Sport University

I began to shoot short fitness videos since January 26. In terms of movement design, I try to meet the public demand.

Over the next few months, I released 193 fitness videos. I'm glad that the video released every day is like a sports alarm clock, reminding everyone to exercise.

In order to help more people exercise online in a more scientific way, I also took part in the public welfare class activity during the epidemic.


Come on, run with us

Narrator: Wang Liping, founder of King's Legend Club and a professor of Beijing Sport University

In recent years, the marathon has been developing rapidly, and the number of runners has been increasing.

In 2016, I founded the "Legend of Kings" club, which provides running training including running posture and breathing methods. The club also provides participation planning, injury rehabilitation and sports risk assessment testing services.

Let sports enthusiasts form a correct understanding of running. Let them avoid injuries in the running process and really enjoy the exercise.


For the well-being of the people with Parkinson's disease

Narrated by: Liu Xiaolei, associate professor of physical education and health teaching research department, Chinese Martial Arts College, Beijing Sport University

I have been playing traditional sports for 32 years.

At the 13th National Games, the national fitness program was listed on the track for the first time, and qigong was one of them. As an athlete and coach of the Beijing team, I participated in the whole process.

Since 2015, I have volunteered to help Parkinson's patients with traditional health regimen to alleviate their movement disorder and improve their life ability and quality of life.

Spreading and promoting traditional Chinese sports and culture is my hobby, my career and my responsibility.