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BSU One-stop Student Community opens up!


On the afternoon of January 4th, the One-stop Student Community launching ceremony was held in the Number 9 Student Apartment's Common Room. BSU Vice President Mr.Zhou Qidi attended the ceremony. Head of the working group for the overall management of the One-stop Student Community, directors of relevant administration offices, chairpersons of school councils, deputy chairpersons in charge of student affairs of school councils, student counselors, academic advisor representatives and student representatives participated in the ceremony. The event was moderated by Diao Aili, deputy director of the Student Affairs Office.




On the launching ceremony, Lu Ji, deputy director of the Student Affairs Office, introduced the progress on the comprehensive management development of the One-stop Student Community.

Vice President Mr. Zhou Qidi presented certifications to the counselors' office based in the Community.

Zhang Chaohui, director of the Undergraduate Academic Affairs Office, conferred letters of appointment to the Community academic advisors.

Chen Zhong, chairperson of BSU Youth League Committee, presented certifications to student association representatives.


Zhou Qidi introduced the functions, positioning, development goals and approaches of the One-stop Student Community.

He pointed out that five key words, namely, community-based, humanity, collaboration, digitization and service, must be borne in mind with sustained efforts to promote further development.  

To develop the One-stop Student Community, Zhou stressed that the university must remain committed to carrying out the fundamental task of talent development through virtue education, stay focused on philosophical education for students in the new era and pay great attention to the comprehensive development of students in morality, intelligence, physical health, aesthetics, and labor skills.

The One-stop Student Community should be built into a pilot program on reforming student group events led by the organizational development.

The One-stop Student Community should be built into a platform for philosophical education through the three-all education practice.

The One-stop Student Community should be built into a breeding ground for the students to pursue comprehensive development with focus on morality, intelligence, physical health, aesthetics, and labor skills.

The One-stop Student Community should be built into a smart service platform that encourages innovation with greater efforts on sound management.

The One-stop Student Community should be built as a pilot program featuring the nature of BSU education.  


One-stop Student Community Introduction

BSU has integrated the Champion Bookstore, Number 9 Student Apartment's Common Room, and the Psychological Counseling Center into the One-stop Student Community.

The newly renovated One-stop Student Community in Number 9 Student Apartment covers a total area of 2,639 square meters. It has 15 function rooms including the Group Activity Room, Seminar Room, Academic Counseling Room, Employment Counseling Room and Student Association Room. Besides, there are five major activity areas involving the exhibition area, self-service area, physical training hall (stress relief hall), cultural and sports activity room, which will satisfy the needs of BSU students to study, exercise, relax and to engage in group activities.