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For Deepening the Teaching Reform of Undergraduate Education, We Have Made These Explorations

As one of the core tasks of the “Double-First Class” Initiative of our University, building first-class undergraduate education is the key element required for promoting the core competitiveness, the overall reform and development, as well as the “Double-First Class” university building process of our University. In the past year, during the undergraduate education and teaching work of Beijing Sport University, we have carried out the fundamental task of cultivating morality and cultivating talents, fully implemented the spirit of the National Education Conference and the National Conference on Undergraduate Education in Higher Education in New Times. While adhering to the principle of undergraduate-oriented, it has conducted many fruitful explorations in deepening the reform of undergraduate education and teaching, strived to achieve the goal of "students busy in learning, teachers develop stronger capability, management become stricter and realizing more effective effect".

Expanding the Structure of Undergraduate Majors

The University has been approved to set up 11 new undergraduate majors including Biomedical Engineering, Broadcasting and Hosting, Winter Sports, Hungarian, Choreology, Polish, Czechoslovakia, Croatian, Serbian, Data Science and Big Data Technology and Intelligent Sports Engineering.

Newly added undergraduate majors of Beijing Sport University in 2018

Name of major

Code of major

Discipline category

Length of schooling


Newly filed undergraduate major

Biomedical Engineering



Four years

Broadcasting and Hosting Art



Four years

Winter Sports



Four years




Four years




Four years




Four years




Four years




Four years




Four years

Data Science and Big Data Technology



Four years

Newly approved undergraduate major

Intelligent Sports Engineering



Four years

New major

Promoting the Construction of First-class Majors

The University has organized members from related Teaching Steering Committees under the Ministry of Education and other experts both inside and outside the University to hold four reporting and demonstration meetings for applying for First-class Majors by three rounds. The University has recommended 10 majors including Physical Education, Sports Training, Martial Arts and National Traditional Sports, Kinesiology, Sports Rehabilitation, Leisure Sports, Physical Fitness Training, Sports Economy and Management, Applied Psychology, Journalism, etc. to apply for the First-class Undergraduate Majors with Distinctive Features at National Level, 2 majors including Public Service Management, Data Science and Big Data Technology to apply for the First-class Undergraduate Majors with Distinctive Features of Beijing and 3 majors including Sports Rehabilitation, Physical Fitness Training, Sports Economy and Management to apply for the Key Majors with Distinctive Features of Beijing.

Improving the International Training System

A total of 34 international programs were implemented during this year, among which, there are 1 government-sponsored program, 6 Sino-foreign joint training programs, 21 long-term international exchange programs, 3 short-term international exchange programs and 2 international internship programs; furthermore, the University has successfully established international experimental class for the major of Winter Sports Referees; a total of 453 students were sent aboard and participated 640 person-times of non-professional skills training.


Actively Promoting the Construction of Ideological and Political Courses and Ideological and Political Theory of Courses

The University strove to guiding and stimulating the main responsibility for construction of Ideological and Political Course in School of Marxism to further standardize and promote the construction of ideological and political courses, as well as enhance the attractiveness, expressiveness and influence of the course and practical activities of Ideological and Political Theory; In order to strengthen the morality education awareness of teachers and enhance the synergy of course education, as well as highlight the sports characteristic in construction of Ideological and Political Course and Ideological and Political Theory of Courses, the University tried integrating" Telling the Story about China National Women’s Volleyball Team " and "Promoting the Spirit of China National Women’s Volleyball Team" into Ideological and Political Course and professional courses for cultivating the patriotic feelings and fighting spirits of students.

Completing the General Education System

The University actively promoted the construction of various general education courses, among which, the School of Humanities offered a compulsory aesthetic general education course that combined online theoretical study with offline art appreciation and practice; optional general courses authentication are offered to existing public elective courses and the first batch of excellent general education courses of 8 majors that complementing with each other are organized and constructed, and therefore further enriched the optional general education courses.

Building Online Open Courses

Base on the Grade 2019 University-level Online Open Courses Building Project, the University promoted the building of online teaching resources for 15 courses including Athlete Function Evaluation and Training Monitoring and also promoted the multiple openings and online teaching operation of 11 courses including Sports Psychology. At present, more than 3 rounds of MOOC online teachings have been completed with nearly 80,000 person-times of learning in total.


Creating the Atmosphere for Building First-class Courses

The University has organized and carried out special training for building online open courses and online & offline mixed courses toward teachers for 3 times, in which about 300 teachers were trained; carried out the "Special Study Month of MOOC" and organized schools under the University to carry out credits ranking competition and "1+1+1" combined study & practice credit recognition. According to statistics, there were 471 students from 12 schools participated in the credits ranking competition, among whom 55 students were awarded with individual awards and 2 schools were awarded with the "Best Organizing School Award"; achievement and credit recognition mechanism were provided for students participated in online open courses excluded in programmed courses and teaching assistants were recruit to strengthen the operation and promotion of on-line courses offered by our University on public platforms.

Guiding the Reform of Teaching Methods

The University brought the demonstration effect of teaching methods reform into play by means of project cultivation, supported the courses of Volleyball, Sports Physiology and Sports Psychology through carrying out on-line and off-line mixed teaching and helping teachers in improving their teaching quality; formally introduced and deployed the professional version of online intelligent teaching tool named "Rain Classroom" to help teachers in adopting intelligent teaching, as well as to promote the in-depth implementation of on-line and off-line mixed teaching reform.

Deepening the Reform and Innovation of Education and Teaching

The project initiating appraisal for education and teaching reform of Beijing Sport University in 2018 were organized, in which 3 major projects, 15 common projects and 3 key entrusted projects in combination with key directions of education and teaching reform of the University at present were initiated and the acceptance work will start at the end of this year as scheduled. The University has organized and carried out the application for "Undergraduate Teaching Reform and Innovation Projects" for higher educations of Beijing in 2019, in which 3 projects have been approved as common initiating projects; completed the appraisal for Teaching Achievement Awards of Beijing Sport University in 2018, in which a total of 10 achievements were awarded with the first prize of teaching achievement and 17 achievements were awarded with the second prize of teaching achievements at University-level.

Optimizing the Teaching Modes of Coll&Univ. T.C. Coll Rod. Zone

The University streamlined the number of courses and classroom capacity of the Coll&Univ. T.C. Coll Rod. Zone, among which the number of courses were reduced from 13 to 8 and the capacity of teaching classes from 40-120 to 30-50. All classes were taught in small-sized classes on a trial basis; a total of 16 courses were offered and being selected for 600 times throughout the year; introduced the supervising experts observation mechanism and invited experts to supervise and guide the those community courses throughout the whole process; adopted innovative classroom teaching mode, which combined with the existing MOOC courses of Volleyball and Sports Dance, to offer online and offline mixed teaching and many excellent MOOC open online courses were published in

Optimizing Teaching Supervision Team

The University established the Regulation for Undergraduate Teaching Supervision Team of Beijing Sport University, which introduced extramural supervision team comprised by both schoolfellows and parents of students based on the original internal supervision expertise team to set up the Supervision Team for Undergraduate Teaching of Beijing Sport University. Through recommendation and selection, 2 qualified internal supervision experts, one of whom is a peer expert from the European Department of the School of International Sport Organizations were employed; and 6 external supervisors, among whom 3 are schoolfellow supervisors and 3 are parent supervisors, were employed. The University organized 17 supervision experts (including 3 peer experts) to evaluate the classroom teaching of all teachers of the university on the permanent staff, in which 2000 person-times of supervision were conducted with the evaluation rate reached 100%; employed 6 extramural supervisors who conducted supervising work for more than 60 class hours; organized internal supervision experts to supervise and guide the teaching of 44 young teachers newly hired in 2018. The progress made by young teachers was recorded and summarized through filling in the "Guidance Manual for Supervising Experts" and 8th version of  Teaching Experience Collection for Young Teachers was also edited and completed.

Leading the Professional Development of Teachers

The University held the First Special Training Course for Promoting the Morality and Teaching Capability of Teachers of Beijing Sport University, of which 30 teachers participated; held the first thematic network training of Discipline Teaching and Education and Ideological and Political Theory of Course, of which a total of 32 teachers from 19 schools participated; held training lectures on basic teaching skills for young teachers, of which nearly 300 young teachers participated in the training and exchange; held the 17th Basic Teaching Skills Competition for Young Teachers of Beijing Sport University; Organized teachers of the university to participate in the 5th (2019) Mathematics Micro-course Teaching Design Competition for Colleges and Universities in Beijing.


Teaching Management

The University introduced the paper checking system for university students of China National Knowledge Infrastructure (CNKI) to check the graduation thesis of undergraduate students and finished the "duplicate checking" of 2232 undergraduate thesis; held the seminar for outstanding papers of undergraduate students and sent 18 thesis of undergraduate students to participate in the evaluation for 2019 Outstanding Graduation Projects (Papers) Award for Undergraduates from Ordinary Colleges and Universities in Beijing; successfully organized and completed the application of 39 Innovation and Entrepreneurship Practice Projects for College and University Students in national level and 30 projects in municipal level of Beijing, as well as started the completion work of 43 undergraduate Innovation and Entrepreneurship Training Practice Projects for College and University Students at national level in 2018, with the completive rate of 88%; completed the student status data importing, image acquisition, etc., for 2431 new students in 2019 and finished the student status changes for 1698 person times in total; completed the graduation and degree qualification examination for 2,382 students of Grade 2015; issued student status and achievement certificates for more than 3,000 person times; completed the planning of 3,042 course times and course election of 3,042 course times, as well as organized the retake for 280 person times and courses adjusting for 924 person times in 2019, which ensured the smooth operation of teaching. In order to serving the culture and education of outstanding athletes, the University sent 25 teaching teachers person times to many off-campus teaching centers including the State Sport General Administration, which benefited more than 500 students; organized and completed various kinds of examinations including CET-4 and CET-6 nationwide and the performance management for accumulative total of 101874 person times.