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41 golds, 12 silvers and 7 bronzes Won by BSU Faculty Members and Students! Together for a Shared Future in the 19th Asian Games!

As the 19th Asian Games closed in Hangzhou on Oct. 8th, Team China has won a total of 383 medals, with 201 golds, setting its best record at the Asian Games and topped the gold medal table of the Asian Games for the 11th consecutive time.

A total of 79 athletes and 11 coaches (as well as team leaders and translators) of Beijing Sport University were enrolled in the Chinese delegation. More than 40 faculty members and students participated in physical training, scientific and technological services, venue operation and more than 20 faculty members served as technical officials. Faculty members and students of Beijing Sport University participated in competitions in 28 sports, including athletics, taekwondo, basketball, rowing, swimming, cycling, etc., and won 41 golds, 12 silvers and 7 bronzes!


The path toward glorious medals is a journey where athletes keep pursuing their dreams, look forward to a brighter future and practice with perseverance and consistency. All these efforts have demonstrated their ambition for winning honour for the country, their relentless pursuit for sports and their deep understanding of “commitment to excellence”.

Xu Jiayu, an active athlete in China who has won the most gold medals in the Asian Games

Xu Jiayu, graduated from the 2019 Champion Class of Beijing Sport University, won 5 gold medals in the 19th Asian Games. He was once a 5-gold-winner in the last Asian Games. So far, with 11 Asian Games gold medals, he has won the most gold medals in the Asian Games among active athletes in China. Xu Jiayu said after the game that he is looking forward to participating in the next Asian Games so that he can extend this record for a longer time.


On Sept. 24th, Xu Jiayu was at the awarding ceremony. Photographed by Huang Zongzhi, Xinhua News Agency.

Li Ling: Osmanthus Fragrance, Golden Hairpin, Three-time Gold-winner

On Oct. 2nd, at the Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center Stadium, all eyes were on a veteran athlete. She is Li Ling, a two-time Asian Games champion, the Asian record holder in women's pole vault, one of the faculty members at the China Athletics College of Beijing Sport University. She won the championship without any doubt and became the three-time gold winner in the Asian Games.

Li Ling, 34 years old, participated in 4 Olympic Games, and 4 Asian Games. What she achieved cannot be separated from her positive mindset.


On Oct. 2nd, Chinese player Li Ling won the gold medal. Photographed by Jiang Han, Xinhua News Agency.

Qieyang Shijie: Never too late for glory. Long-expected Olympic Medal

On the morning of Oct. 4th, Qieyang Shijie from the China Athletics College of BSU and her teammates Bai Xueying, Wang Qin and He Xianghong claimed team gold in the Mixed Team’s 35km Race Walk in the Hangzhou Asian Games. At night, Qieyang Shijie was reallocated the gold medal in the Women’s 20km Race Walk at the London 2012 Olympic Games, which is also the first time that a Tibetan athlete in China won the Olympic gold medal.


On Oct. 4th, after Qieyang Shijie (right) and Liu Hong attended the ceremony for reallocating Olympic medals.

Photographed by Sun Fei, Xinhua News Agency.

Liu Yi, Yu Dan: Winning the gold medal together, friendship towards the future.

Liu Yi, a 2021 graduate from the Sports Coaching College of BSU, and Yu Dan, a 2020 undergraduate from the Sports Coaching College of BSU, won golds in the Women’s 87kg and Women’s 70kg Kurash respectively at this Asian Games. They have been eating, living and training together for nearly 10 years. Liu Yi said with a smile that the two look even more alike and many people mistake them for sisters.


Liu Yi and Yu Dan posed for a photo after the match. Video screenshot from

Shi Haoyu: the first male athlete in artistic swimming in China

On the last day of the Asian Games, Team China won the gold medal in the team free routine of artistic swimming. Shi Haoyu, a 2020 graduate from the China Swimming College of Beijing Sport University, became the first male athlete winning gold in artistic swimming of the Asian Games.


On Oct. 6th, the team free routine event of artistic swimming was held in the Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center.

Team China in the event. Photographed by Huang Zongzhi, Xinhua News Agency.

Yang Jiayu: The shoe fell off, still win the championship!

On Sept. 29th, in the Hangzhou Asian Games women’s 20 km race walk, Yang Jiayu, a student from BSU champion class, found one of her shoes stepped off accidentally as she passed the water intake point of the final round. She bent down to lift her shoe and was already 10 meters behind her teammates. But Yang Jiayu caught up and finally won the gold medal.


On Sept. 29th, Yang Jiayu (front center) raced to the finish line in the race. Photographed by Sun Fei, Xinhua News Agency.

The 19th Asian Games started on the Autumn Equinox and concluded on the Cold Dew. We came together to this great event with long expectation and departed with such a sweet sorrow. BSU faculty members and students have fought hard and pursued excellence relentlessly on the competition field. With a mission on shoulders while striving forward, BSU faculty members and students have set new records and achieved new glories, embracing a bright future together.