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(School of Strength and Conditioning) Notice of Lecture on Scientific Training of Football Teams

Practice on Scientific Training of National Male and Female Football Teams

Time: 19:00-20:30 on May 14, 2019

Place: Teaching Building 315

Keynote speaker: Wei Hongwen

Sponsor: School of Strength and Conditioning

1. About the speaker


Wei Hongwen, doctor, associate professor and postgraduate tutor of the School of Strength and Conditioning, Beijing Sport University.

In 1996, he graduated from Beijing Sport University in the major of Sports Health Care and Rehabilitation and worked at the Beijing Institute of Sport Science. In 2009, he graduated with a doctor’s degree and taught at the school.

He has long been engaged in the practice of physical training of competitive sports. Since 1996, he has served as a scientific research coach and physical rehabilitation coach for the Beijing Women’s Football Team, the National Women’s Football Team, the National Men’s Football Team, and the National U-25 Men’s Football Training Team, and has established deep and good cooperation with the previous Chinese and foreign head coaches, such as Shang Ruihua, Ma Yuanan, Ma Liangxing, Wang Haiming, Zhang Haitao, Pei Encai, Hao Wei, Bruno Bini, Gao Hongbo, Sun Jihai and Shen Xiangfu.

Now he is the training object of the outstanding professional and technical talents under the “Hundred Talents Program” of the General Administration of Sport of China; member of the Physical Training Branch of the China Sport Science Society; expert lecturer of the physical education course of the Coach College, the Competitive Sports Department, the Science and Education Department, and the Youth Sports Department of the General Administration of Sport of China; expert in teaching the outstanding youth physical fitness course of Beijing Sport University; and lecturer of the campus football physical fitness course of the Ministry of Education.

Research area: physical fitness training for elite athletes, youth physical training, sports and health promotion.

2. About the lecture

This lecture focuses on the work experience and content of the speaker in the national women’s football team and the national men’s football team. The speaker will introduce the design and implementation of football physical training, including the physical training of China’s national women’s football team preparing for the FIFA Women’s World Cup and the strength training design of China’s national men’s football team preparing for the World Cup Qualifiers. Finally, he will share his work experience, and give some suggestions on theoretical study and training practice for the students who are keen on football physical training.