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The youth training team of Beijing Sport University continues the study, teaching and training despite of the suspension of classes during the epidemic prevention

After the unusual Chinese New Year and winter vacation in 2020, the teachers and students of youth training team of Beijing Sport University will usher in an unusual new semester at the critical stage of the prevention and control of new coronavirus pneumonia. In the situation that the people of the country are united to fight against the epidemic situation, in order to do a good job in the prevention and control of the epidemic, the teachers and students of youth training team are fully mobilized to meet the difficulties and work together to continue the study, teaching and training despite of the suspension of classes. Students carry forward the spirit of “Always Striving to Fulfill Our Mission”, and step up independent study and training; Teachers use high-quality courses and guidance as a weapon to fight the epidemic, and care and encourage students to grow via online class; Coaches and athletes maintain a self-improvement posture, and consciously strengthen training at home, so that the style of learning, teaching and training of the Beijing Sport University will continue to sublimate in the test of the times.

Overall coordination and immediate response

All colleges responded immediately according to the relevant deployment of the national and school party committees on epidemic prevention and control work, worked together to forming an efficient and orderly management model, took epidemic prevention and control work as the most important work at present and organized teachers to complete the epidemic prevention and control work plan of youth training team. Through clear objectives, detailed division of labor, and responsibility assignment, the school’s youth training team was fully deployed in epidemic prevention and control, team placement, team member tracking, postponement of school start, etc. They also worked together to ensure that the study of all students, the teaching of all teachers and coaches and the training all athletes could continue and were not delayed.


Careful deployment to speed up the implementation

In accordance with the requirements of the work, each college carefully arranged and quickly established a leading group for epidemic prevention and control emergency that was responsible for the emergency treatment work such as prevention, management, publicity, supervision and coordination, public opinion control and on-time reporting of the youth training team, and formulating and promoting the implementation of a plan to "continue the study, teaching and training despite of the suspension of classes". The China Ice Sports College has also opened a medical and psychological hotline to answer the relevant questions of the teachers and students of the college on the protection of the epidemic, and provide psychological assistance to the teachers and students of the college who have psychological pressure and impatience due to the new coronavirus epidemic. China Football College (Qinhuangdao Campus) developed an "online classroom" distance teaching program, built an online education platform, to realize the ongoing study of student on culture classes despite of the suspension of class during epidemic prevention and control; China Volleyball College organized an "online theme class meeting" to strengthen online ideological and political education, pay tribute to people who brave the dangerous situation, and be grateful for the new era.


Work together to revise the plan

The coaching teams of the youth training teams attached great importance to the task of "continuing the study, teaching and training despite of the suspension of classes" during the epidemic period, and organized all the coaches to hold a video conference at the first time. Focusing on the changes of athletes’ learning and training plan content and methods, they conducted collective discussion on the preparation for the Olympics, adjusted the training focus to athletes’ physical fitness recovery and physical fitness improvement, and formulated physical fitness training assessment indicators to guide athletes to achieve simultaneous improvement in specific physical fitness and basic physical fitness. With reference to the original training objectives and content, the coaching teams made full use of the curriculum resources provided by the school's online education to provide rich teaching and training resources and technical guidance for athletes to learn and practice independently, to ensure that athletes can study and train well at home.

The U15 football team of Beijing Sport University took the lead in conducting a collective discussion and determining a training plan, which provided a useful reference for other teams; China Basketball College also organized several video conferences for training plan changes. During the conference, the coaches discussed enthusiastically and made appropriate measures. All plans adhere to the synchronous advancement of learning and training. The content is specific and highly instructive. It provides detailed "curricular tables" and "training tables" for athletes to train at home and guides athletes to effectively carry out learning and training.


Flexible shift to counseling and supervision

The coaches of various colleges insisted on teaching despite of the suspension of class, and used online teaching demonstrations and other methods to teach athletes through platforms such as Rain Classroom. They changed the focus of coaching from sports skills development to event skills drills, changed the course content from team actual training to team technical and tactical analysis drills, and changed physical training from equipment-assisted to free-hand training. Meanwhile, they coached and supervised athletes. Among them, football and ice hockey coaches prepare teaching video recording to ensure that the technical essentials and training core are accurately taught to athletes. Basketball coaches correct and guide the technical essentials online.


Conscious self-discipline and daily check in

The youth training team members of all events insisted on restorative training and basic physical training at home, and they were ready to participate in various competitions this year. Through the professional study and training plan formulated by the college teachers, training and learning for the improvement of physical fitness, sports level and cultural literacy are steadily carried out. Players of youth training team use their own space flexibly to carry out rich and diverse technical training, strength training and theoretical learning, and complete daily training. The training items include ball sense training, waist and abdominal muscle training, freehand strength training, sensitive training, physical training, technical and tactical theory, etc. The online cultural courses include 12 subjects such as Chinese, mathematics, English, politics, history, geography, physics, chemistry and biology. The teachers of the college monitor the learning progress and status in real time through the management account, arrange the weekly learning time and organize regular quizzes to guide and urge the team members to learn.


In this special semester, the youth training team of Beijing Sport University is engaged in an arduous struggle with the people of the whole country against this sudden outbreak. All the teachers and students cared about the lockdown of Wuhan due to the epidemic disease, and their blood boiled when the heroes saved the country. At the juncture of the epidemic prevention and control, ordinary people are not required to go to Wuhan, but everybody should have a patriotic feeling. We firmly believe that under the strong leadership of the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping at the core, we will definitely win the overall victory of the epidemic prevention and control. We firmly believe that with the strong support of the whole country, Wuhan will surely defeat the virus and usher in a spring full of flowers and vitality!