Training & Competition

Training exchange between our aerobics delegation and students from the University of Minnesota

In the evening on May 30, 2019, students from the University of Minnesota came to our school and had a pleasant communication with the members of aerobics delegation. Because of this activity, Chinese students and American students become closer, and the exchange students from the United States feel our passion and our profound traditional culture.

The University of Minnesota-Twin Cities is a world-renowned public research university located in the Twin Cities of Minnesota, USA, and is the oldest and largest branch of the University of Minnesota. The university has many prestigious alumni. By 2018, there have been 30 Nobel Prize winners, one former US Chief Justice, two former US Vice Presidents, and a number of corporate giants ranking among the Fortune 500 companies. With excellent tradition of education and serving the society, it is also the birthplace of many of the world’s top technologies and inventions. In 2019, it ranked 35th on the CWUR World University Rankings.

Although the exchange time is short, the exchange students from the United States can still have a full and pleasant experience. At the beginning, Teacher Wang Hong explained the daily training methods and systems. The aerobics world champion Zhao Ming led the students to do warm-up activities of the Chinese style. In addition, these exchange students experienced the TABATA method used by our delegation in usual physical training. The exchange students and the team members encouraged each other, creating a warm atmosphere. Then, the members of our aerobics delegation showed their talents, and gave some carefully-prepared gifts to the exchange students, marking the end of this exchange activity.

When they were about to leave, the students took a group photo and left contact details to each other. They expressed their happiness and excitement about the exchange training tonight, and they had a deeper understanding of the Chinese culture and gained a lot. We hope that the friendship between the two universities, and between China and the United States will last forever.