Training & Competition

Zhu Xueying won the championship in the FIG World Cup in Trampoline

On February 16, in the 2020 FIG World Cup in Trampoline in Baku of Azerbaijan, Zhu Xueying, who enrolled in the Sports Coaching College in 2017, won the champion of women's online individual finals with 55.810 points with outstanding performance and made a good beginning for the Chinese trampoline team in 2020.



Baku of Azerbaijan is the first stop of this year’s FIG World Cup in Trampoline. The competition at this stop is the point race of Tokyo Olympics. After the game, Zhu Xueying said, "As athletes preparing for the Olympics, despite the current epidemic situation, we have not stopped training at all times. We must carry forward the spirit of “Always Striving to Fulfill Our Mission”. We must contribute to the country in our own way, pay tribute to medical workers who are fighting on the front line of epidemic prevention, pass more positive energy to the society, and cheer for Wuhan and the whole country!"