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School leaders cordially connect with our overseas training staff and trainees

Since the outbreak of the COVID-19, the school party committee has always attached great importance to the safety and physical health of teachers and students of overseas youth training team, and performed unified deployment, unified command and unified management. In response to the recent rapid spread of overseas epidemics, the school party committee has held several party committee standing committee meetings and special meetings to study and deploy the epidemic prevention and control of overseas youth training teams. The Office for Competitive Sports Back-up Talent Cultivation pays close attention to the development situation of the epidemic situation in each station, and makes dynamic statistics of the health status of teachers and students stationed abroad.

At 17:00 on March 19, Cao Weidong (school party committee secretary and president), Gao Feng (party committee vice secretary and executive vice president), Zhou Qidi (party committee standing committee and vice principal) made a video connection with 32 team members of overseas youth training teams. On behalf of the school, they expressed regards to the management staff of the overseas youth training team, thanked them for their perseverance and dedication, and learned in detail about the epidemic prevention and control of the overseas training team of our school, as well as their learning, training and life.


Up to now, the school has a total of 18 overseas youth training teams with a total of 272 people, including 32 team management personnel. The teams are distributed in Croatia, Czech Republic, Lithuania, France, Slovenia and Poland. All teams have adopted effective epidemic prevention and control measures.

In the video connection, the U14 men's football team manager of the China Football College, the U16 women's basketball team manager of the China Basketball College, the U16 men's volleyball team manager of the China Volleyball College, and the Slovenian judo team manager of the affiliated sports school spoke on behalf of each team. Among them, Zhang Lin, manager of the U16 women's basketball team of the China Basketball College, said that she felt warm due to the support and care of the school and she would do her best to shoulder her responsibilities to cooperate with the school and take good care of the team members; Zhang Jinhao, manager of the French U16 men's volleyball team at the China Volleyball College, said that as the manager of the youth training team, he was also a Communist Party member and it was his honor to bear responsibility in a critical period. In this critical period, he would make good use of his advantages to strengthen the ideological and political education of the team members on the basis of doing a good job in epidemic prevention, maintain the orderly conduct of learning and training, pay attention to the mental health of the team members, and organize colorful cultural and recreational activities to ensure that the team could complete the project plan safely and satisfactorily. Other connected overseas training personnel reported the epidemic prevention and control work and the learning and training situation of overseas youth training teams in detail. They expressed that they would actively conduct the epidemic prevention and control of the team according to the requirements of the school, and appropriately arrange the learning and life of teachers and students.


The school leaders highly affirmed the work of the team support staff. Cao Weidong, on behalf of the school, put forward requirements for further epidemic prevention and control and reasonable planning of learning and training. He said that all personnel must adhere to the principle of quarantine and should not leave the quarantine area or drop around; and should wash hands and clothes frequently, clean the room and perform ventilation and disinfection regularly, and wear masks according to the specifications. He put forward four expectations. The first is to cheer up, establish the awareness of safety first, and do the epidemic prevention and control according to the requirements. The second is to keep in mind General Secretary Xi Jinping’s entrustment and expectations on the students of the Beijing Sport University, carry forward the spirit of “Always Striving to Fulfill Our Mission”, maintain the efforts, and show the good spiritual outlook of the students of the Beijing Sport University in the new era in this special period. The third is to strengthen the contact and communication between China and foreign countries, and between parents and overseas graduates and undergraduates of our school, master all kinds of information timely and accurately, and do well the ideological work of students and parents; The fourth is to innovate working methods, use our brains, and find ways to enrich students' daily cultural life while ensuring safety.