Training & Competition

Caring for the growth of young faculty and creating a happy and harmonious life—parent-child group competition for faculty of the sports mee

Group photo of faculty families before competition

In order to promote the coordinated development of national fitness and competitive sports, expand the mass base of the national fitness work, further enrich the spiritual and cultural life of our young faculty and staff, advocate a healthy and civilized lifestyle, and create a healthy and harmonious living atmosphere, our university held a “Parent-Child Sports Meeting” at the west athletic field in the afternoon on May 16, and more than 100 families participated in the competition.

Speech by Zhao Bing

At the opening ceremony, Zhao Bing, director of the Office of Training and Competition, delivered a speech. She pointed out that the BSU Party committee was very concerned about the development of young faculty and staff. This parent-child sports meeting was an innovation made actively by the BSU Party committee in order to care about the healthy growth of the next generation of the Beijing Sport University, and promote the family happiness of young faculty and staff. She hoped that all the faculty and children present could enjoy the game and the beautiful parent-child time.

Then, guided by professional coaches from HS Performance, a professional sports organization for children, more than 100 groups of families joined the group competition which was fun and challenging and faced the challenges by passing through the links one by one. In two hours, the parents worked together with their children to complete the challenge of each link.


Group photo after competition