Training & Competition

Nine BSU teachers and students participating in the anti-doping lecture on Women’s Volleyball of the National University Games

Women’s volleyball players from 6 colleges and universities arrived at the Qinhuangdao Training Base of the General Administration of Sport of China punctually on June 6, 2019 for one-month closed training, including 9 teachers and students from BSU. They were preparing for the upcoming 30th World University Summer Games.

Today, Wang Qing from China Anti-Doping Agency gave a lecture on anti-doping education access to the teachers, coaches and athletes.

The lecture covers “six provisions” of anti-doping work: 1. Intentional use of stimulants is strictly prohibited; 2. Strict precautions should be taken against the misuse of stimulants; 3. Cooperate in doping test and investigation; 4. Apply for TUE in time; 5. Submit the whereabouts accurately; 6. Mutual supervision and active reporting.

After the lecture, athletes affixed their signatures to the anti-doping commitment, and took an oath led by Wang.

As athletes, we should calm our minds, overcome and surpass ourselves, compare with ourselves rather than others, and strive to show ourselves the best in the competition. As long as we have the courage to overcome and surpass ourselves, even if we fail to get a gold medal, it is still worthy of respect and praise. Maintain the image of the country, adhere to the spirit of sports, protect physical and mental health, and say no to stimulants!