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Champion Class: gathering the strength of champions to tide over the hard times with concerted effort

The Champion Class of BSU’s Graduate School is a group of glories. In General Secretary Xi Jinping’s reply to them on June 18, 2019, he earnestly encouraged them that “I hope you maintain your efforts, continue to build China into a country strong on sports and bring more positive energy to Chinese society.” And General Secretary Xi mentioned again the Champion Class in his 2020 New Year Address.

No one of them is absent from the nation’s war on the COVID-19 epidemic. Keeping in mind General Secretary Xi’s earnest instruction and expectation of “Always Striving to Fulfill Our Mission”, they have been practicing their sense of responsibility and mission with practical actions in trainings and competitions focusing on “fighting against the epidemic and getting prepared for the coming Olympic Games”, leading scientific fitness for all with their professional sports knowledge and devoted themselves to volunteer work. While manifesting the strength of sports, they are striving to fulfill General Secretary Xi’s expectation on them to bring positive energy of sports to the society.

At the same time, they always bear in mind their responsibilities and duties as Champion Class students, follow BSU’s requirements on the epidemic prevention and control and take the lead in joining hands with other teachers and students to tide over the hard times in many ways.

“Be strong! The hope is just around the corner and we will reunite after the epidemic ends. We are young, strong and acknowledgeable.” Student Yang Yilin in the 2016 Champion Class, gymnastics champion at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, encouraged BSU’s teachers and students stranded in Hubei through a video call.

On the morning of February 29, 13 Champion Class students including Yang Yilin made a video call with 49 representatives of BSU’s teachers and students stranded in Hubei. Their warm greetings, positive preparation for the Olympic Games, resolution to face difficulties and faith in winning the war were a great encouragement to their teachers and schoolmates in Hubei.

Yang Yilin

Student Gong Lijiao in the 2018 Champion Class, champion of world athletics championships, shared her mental state and resolution of preparing for the coming Olympic Games. “The epidemic can never stop us from preparing for the Olympic Games. I am confident and determined to, with the guidance of my coach and the help of my team, adapt myself to new challenges and tests and show the world that Chinese people can defeat all difficulties and challenges. I will do my part to inspire the fighting spirit of the whole nation and cheer up our national spirit with outstanding performance. As the Tokyo Olympic Games is approaching, I will uphold the spirit of “Always Striving to Fulfill Our Mission” and keep training solidly to achieve satisfactory performance.”

Gong Lijiao

“Since the start of the outbreak of the epidemic, the CPC Central Committee has attached great importance to the issue and strengthened the centralized, unified leadership of the Party, and General Secretary Xi Jinping also made personal guidance and deployment, voicing full confidence in winning the battle against the epidemic. I am deeply impressed and inspired. As a student of the Champion Class, I will carry forward our champion spirit and do my best in my own work. I will keep training and never slacken my effort in completing each lesson and practicing each movement to get well prepared for the coming Olympic Games”, said Li Yongzhi, a student in the 2019 Champion Class and world champion coach in boxing.

Li Yongzhi

The small screen delivers the care, encouragement and wishes of these champions to every teacher and student in Hubei.

Li Xuemei, a teacher at the School of Sport Medicine and Physical Therapy, and Gao Ling, world champion of badminton and a teacher at the Sports Coaching College, attended the video call on behalf of BSU’s teachers in Hubei. Though stranded in Hubei, they give play to their professional knowledge and take part in BSU’s online sports class for public good to demonstrate the sense of responsibility of BSU’s teachers during the epidemic prevention and control. They record videos and live-stream classes to respond to citizens’ demand for exercise at home. They both said that they would unite with students in the epidemic area to shoulder the social responsibility of BSU people. While protecting themselves well, they will follow the requirements on the management of epidemic prevention and control and produce online courses better.

Hu Jingyi, an undergraduate student of Class 2016 at School of International Sports Organizations, said that “the champions have interpreted to us the unique charm of the persevering sportsmanship in front of difficulties, showed their unyielding quality and strengthened our resolution and courage to face the difficulties and flip.”

Much inspired, Jiang Dongting, a graduate student of Class 2019 at Sports Coaching College, also sent wishes to champions. “The champions are role models to us and we now have stronger resolution to win the battle against the virus. Thank you for your encouragement. I also hope that you can take good care of yourselves and keep a good state. Good luck to you at the Olympic Games.”

The Party Branch of the Champion Class is a model branch of Party building of the whole country. They launched an Online Thematic Party Day activity with the purpose of gathering strength and promotion actions in the most crucial stage of epidemic prevention and control. On the evening of February 28, Cai Youzhi, Party Branch Secretary of the Champion Class and Dean of the Graduate School, together with over Party members of the Champion Class, studied the guiding principles from General Secretary Xi Jinping’s major speeches on epidemic prevention and control and shared learning experience with them. Party members of the Party Branch actively donated money to supporting the epidemic prevention and control.

Online Thematic Party Day of Party Branch of the Champion Class

Zhang Hao, world champion of figure skating and a teacher at BSU’s Sports Coaching College, believed that epidemic prevention and control is a grave battle that matters to people’s safety and health and calls for concerted effort to win it. Zhang Hao introduced that he took part in the production of New Sports Knowledge School (an online series of parent-child exercise courses), recorded the video “Go for It, Wuhan” together with 58 Olympic champions and world champions sponsored by Beijing Organizing Committee for the 2022 Olympics, took part in reciting the original poem Our Future Is Bright as a member of Beijing Youth Role Publicity League, and proposed “treasuring our lives, building our body, facing the difficulties and becoming stronger” to over 13,000 teachers and students of the Community as the promoting ambassador of Lugouqiao Education Community. In doing so, he contributed his own strength to winning the war.

Lu Chunlong, champion of men’s trampoline in the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, is leading the national team in training in Baku of Azerbaijan. He said that “the epidemic is a severe test on our preparation for the coming Olympic Games, and the national teams shoulder great responsibility in epidemic prevention and control. As we are in the crucial stage, we should align ourselves more closely with the Party Central Committee both in ideology and action, and strengthen our sense of responsibility, mission and urgency to complete our epidemic prevention and control work during overseas training and prepare for the coming Tokyo Olympic Games orderly. We should put into practice the guiding principles from General Secretary Xi Jinping’s major speeches with our practical actions.”

Mu Di, world champion of bicycle racing, recorded an encouragement video for Wuhan and recorded demonstration videos of indoor fitness exercises for citizens quarantining at home. She believes that Party members shall obey the Party’s command, respond to the call of the state, insist scientific protection and promote scientific epidemic prevention knowledge to other people, while not believing or spreading rumors. As an athlete who once fought for the glory of the country in international events, she is duty-bound to fully carry forward the sportsmanship of fearing no difficulties and fighting courageously.

Students of the Champion Class will keep firmly in mind the earnest expectations in General Secretary Xi’s reply and carry forward the spirit of “Always Striving to Fulfill Our Mission”. During such a special period of epidemic prevention and control, they will take the lead in preparing for the Olympic Games while doing well their own work to bring more positive and inspiring energy to the society.