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Eight projects of BSU was approved as the National Social Science Fund Projects

The National Planning Office of Philosophy and Social Science recently announced the approved project list of National Social Science Fund projects and youth projects in 2019. A total of 172 sports science projects were approved. Eight projects of BSU were approved, including 1 key project, 6 general projects, and 1 youth project. Thus, BSU ranked first in the number of the approved sports science project.

As the highest level project in the field of philosophy and social science research in China, the National Social Science Fund Project is an important indicator reflecting the scientific research ability and discipline level of philosophy and social sciences in universities. BSU attached great importance to the application of the National Social Science Fund project and took effective measures to encourage project application, greatly mobilizing the enthusiasm of teachers and stimulating the research potential of teachers. To improve the scientific research ability of our teachers and improve the bidding rate, BSU has organized many counseling lectures on project application and counseled the texts of the application projects to ensure the quality and level of the applied projects. The teachers of the whole school enthusiastically applied. The number of application in this year is 55, with a significant increase compared with last year, which laid a foundation for the project approval.

In the future, BSU will further consolidate the disciplinary research direction, cultivate social science research teams and produce high-level scientific research results, to make greater contributions to the construction of a country strong on sports.