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Radhey Jualiya, secretary of Youth and Sports Affairs of Indian Administrative Service, and his delegation visit BSU

In the morning on July 18, Radhey Jualiya, the general secretary of the State Affairs in charge of sports, and his delegation came to visit our university. Cao Weidong, CPCCommittee Secretary and President of BSU, held a meeting with the guests.


During the talks, Jualiya said that they are preparing to set up a state-run sport university and hope to learn the successful experiences of our school in the school structure, curricula and sport science. Jualiya proposed that his side will send a team consisting of Wushu coaches and a team consisting of gymnastics coaches to our school to receive training, and at the same time send the experts and coaches in such sports as yoga, Kabaddi and hockey to our school for exchange. Both sides expressed the wish to strengthen exchange in the area of adolescent sports, e.g. sending the adolescent teams to the national youth games of each other’s country for demonstration performance. Both sides reached a preliminary consensus in cooperation in running schools, joint cultivation of personnel and exchange of teachers and students, and planned to sign a memorandum of understanding for cooperation.

Jualiya visited the training base of national teams, sports medicine and rehabilitation laboratory, and kinesiology laboratory of our university. The responsible people of the relevant departments and schools of BSU attended the talks.