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The president of World Curling Federation Kate Caithness visits BSU

On July 15, Kate Caithness, president of World Curling Federation, visited our school.  

President Kate Caithness visited the ice sports center of BSU accompanied by the foreign coaches and responsible people of relevant departments of BSU. She praised the race track of curling and provided instructions for our school in the cultivation of the players, referees, ice-making workers and technicians in Curling.

Cao Weidong, secretary of the CPC Committee and president of BSU, held a meeting with president Kate Caithness. Both sides conducted discussions in strengthening cooperation, improvement of education of curling culture and competitive level of curling, and better popularization of curling. President Kate Caithness was engaged as the honorary professor of BSU and honorary president of China Curling Academy in June 2017. She said she will continue to be concerned about and support the development of BSU.