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Learning, we have always been on the road

Editor's Note: In order to further strengthen the education of ideals and beliefs and enhance the deep love of cadres and teachers for Party, nation and school, Beijing Sport University recently held different types of training and study, and went to the revolutionary holy land to derive the forward momentum. The training strives for benefits from theoretical learning, baptism for ideology and politics, responsibility for big career, integration of learning, thinking and application, consistency between knowledge, aspiration and practice, in order to lead education in depth with learning, thinking and practice.



From July 1st to July 8th, the Office of Human Resources (Office of Faculty Development) and the Teacher Development Center of the Teaching Affairs Office held the first thematic training course on teacher's ethics and teaching ability improvement of Beijing Sport University, aiming to enable young teachers to continuously improve their political quality, professional qualification and education level by accepting revolutionary tradition education. 30 teachers and students from 16 schools (research institutes) and Graduate School attended this training course, and they received an eight-day thematic training on teacher's ethics and teaching ability improvement at the Teacher’s Teaching Development Center of Shaanxi Normal University and the Zedong Cadre College of Yan'an University.

From July 1st to 4th, the trainees accepted the thematic trainings on how to strengthen the construction of teacher’s ethics in schools and universities, how to construct an interactive classroom centered on student learning, the teaching concept renewal and information-based teaching practice, and the training of teaching reflection ability, visited the Education Museum together and attended the sharing and exchange for excellent young teachers. The trainees listened carefully, actively interacted and communicated with each other, and strived to improve their self-cultivation of teacher’s ethics and teaching ability, laying a solid foundation for the school to strengthen the construction of teacher’s ethics and improve the teaching quality.

From July 5th to July 8th, the trainees visited the revolutionary site of Yan'an for study. In the historical footprints, they touched the faith and remembered the original aspiration, accumulating strength for contribution to building a country strong on sports.

In Yan'an, the students visited the School Graduates Hall, Liangjiahe Village, Yanchuan County, Yan'an City, Yan'an Revolutionary Memorial Hall, the revolutionary site of Zaoyuan, Wangjiaping site, the revolutionary site of Yangjialing, the Luyi site, the April 8th Martyrs Cemetery, News Memorial, Central Northwest Bureau Memorial Hall and Learning College, watched the historical musical drama Yan'an Nursery School, and listened to the thematic teaching and special reports including "The Model of the Party Member Cadre—Mao Anying", "The Spirit of Bethune", "Mao Zedong Huang Yanpei's Talking on Periodic Law of History ", "Yan'an Spirit and Its Value of Times". Through rich and diverse learning and education activities, the students touched the imprint of history at a close distance and relived the initial aspiration and mission of millions of Chinese Communists to seek happiness and renewal for the Chinese people and Chinese nation with their lives and ardor.


The thematic study and practice education and training activity—"Entering the New Era, Building Chinese Dream Together" was held in Zhengding and Xibaipo, Hebei Province, from July 2nd to 5th for the non-party representatives of the Beijing Sport University, and nearly 20 key non-party intellectuals and united front cadres participated in the training activity.

On the afternoon of July 2nd, Li He, deputy minister of the United Front Office of the Party Committee, hosted the class opening mobilization, and she emphasized the importance of the training class and put forward specific requirements for the students in the training class. After the opening ceremony, Professor Zhang Suzhao, deputy director of the Research Office of Shijiazhuang Municipal Committee, gave a special lecture titled “Study on Xi Jinping's Reform Thoughts”, which enabled all the students to have a deep understanding of the general secretary's work style of seeking truth and being pragmatic and forging ahead.

From July 3rd to 5th, the students accepted the thematic training on “Building an All-round Well-off Society in Tayuanzhuang Village Mode”, “Seeking the source of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era in Zhengding”, “People’s War Thought and New Era Strong Army Strategy”, and visited the exhibition hall of Achievements of Zhengding National Table Tennis Training Base, Tayuanzhuang Village of Zhengding County, Xibaipo, Lijiazhuang Central United Front Department Memorial Hall, and Gaoping Village Tunnel Warfare Site. Through four days of study and practice education and training, these non-party representatives deeply realized the great course of the CPC leading the Chinese people to victory in the revolutionary war and the establishment of a new China, and also profoundly grasped the process of the formation and development of Xi Jinping thought on socialism with Chinese characteristics for a new era, so that their confidence and determination for the new era of meritorious service were further enhanced.


From July 7th to 12th, the training course for the party branch secretary of Beijing Sport University—“Remaining true to our original aspiration and keeping our mission firmly in mind” was held in Zunyi. Cao Weidong, the Party Secretary and President, attended the opening ceremony and hosted the training mobilization. He emphasized that Zunyi is a major turning point in the history of the CPC, which saved the Red Army, the CPC, and the Chinese revolution, and he hoped that the branch secretaries would look for the initial aspiration in Zunyi and experience the responsibility and mission during this study in Zunyi. In addition, he put forward three requirements of "seriously see, seriously study, and seriously do" for this training.

This training utilizes the unique revolutionary historical resources in Zunyi and its surrounding areas, and adopts a heuristic and interactive learning method combining classroom teaching, on-site experience, and interaction. During the training, all the branch secretaries listened to the special lectures including "Zunyi Meeting and Spirit of Zunyi Meeting", " Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era " and "Mao Zedong before and after Zunyi Meeting", so ass to have a deeper understanding and perception for Zunyi history, Zunyi spirit, party history and party building. All the students also attended the on-site teaching at the Zunyi Meeting Site, the Memorial Hall of Gouba Meeting, Three Times of Ferry Crossing among Four Times of Crossing Chishui, and the Xifeng Concentration Camp Exhibition Hall, watched the real-life teaching of "Great Victory in Loushanguan", retraced the Long March of Xiaojianshan and Dajianshan Changzheng Road, visited Meitan County, the "National Urban and Rural Co-ordination Pilot County", and learned the origin of "Ten thanks to the CPC". Through the battle sites, revolutionary cultural relics and historical photographs, they walked along the historical trajectory, and had a deeper understanding for the red history of this arduous long march.

During the training, the students also discussed in groups the theme of “Inheriting good traditions and doing a good job in party building in the new era”. Xing Shangjie, deputy secretary of the school party committee, participated in the group discussion, and he emphasized that grasping the party building and promoting development are inseparable, promoting development is the purpose of grasping party building, while doing a good job in party building is a guarantee for promoting development. Focusing on how to do a good job in party building, he shared his own experience with the branch secretary. It is necessary to strengthen the party building through solid and effective work, continuously strengthen the organizational strength of the party branch, and play the battle fortress role of the party branch.


From July 6th to 12th, the school held a special class of party education for leading cadres called “Remaining true to our original aspiration and keeping our mission firmly in mind” in the revolutionary holy land Jinggangshan.

In the on-site teaching, the cadres felt the original aspiration of the revolutionary ancestors for establishing the base with concerted efforts all the time, and pursued the starting point of the Chinese revolution. From Dajing Village to Sanwan Village, from Maoping Bajiao Building to the site of the former enemy committee of Ciping, from Longjiang Academy to Huangyangjie… Although all sites have gone through ups and downs, they are still like the guiding star that is embedded in the sky, always guiding the direction for the future generations and shining with the glory of history. The core of the Jinggangshan spirit is courage and bravery. It is to think about what the predecessors did not think. It is to seek truth from facts to find a new path with Chinese characteristics! Standing in the steep and majestic Huangyangjie guarding pass with rolling clouds, the students felt that the narrow meandering footpath where Mao Zedong, Zhu De and the Red Army picked up the grain and went up the mountain before seemed to be much steeper. It reminded them the cornerstone of the Jinggangshan spirit, which is like the red rice and pumpkins that made predecessors quite content even in adversity. It is practice in person to share weal and woe, it is starting from scratch, and it is hard work to overcome various difficulties!

Traveling thousands of miles but remaining true to the original aspiration. "The most valuable asset left to us during the Jinggangshan period is the Jinggangshan spirit that spans time and space." As the successor of the Chinese revolution, the inheritor of the red gene, and the backbone of the Republic sports cause, the cadres said that the BSUer will integrate the Jinggangshan spirit into blood and soul. Guided by General Secretary Xi Jinping’s request of “remaining true to our original aspiration and keeping our mission firmly in mind”, with the reply of “Always Striving to Fulfill Our Mission” as the stimulation, we are motivated to face the future and challenge, shoulder the burden of the times, and dock the national strategies of education power, sports power, and health China, to make the Jinggangshan spirit, which aims to insistence on the pursuit of ideals, seeking truth from facts to find a new way, overcoming difficulties with arduous struggles , and relying on the masses to seek victory, radiates the light of BSU!