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Reviewing the initial aspiration and mission, going on with the Yanan Spirit—Visit by the Trainee of Thematic training Course on Teacher's E

Yan'an is the "stopping point" of the CPC Central Committee and the Red Army's Long March and the "starting point" of the national war of resistance against Japanese aggression. Yan’an witnessed the CPC’s great historical progress from weak to strong, turning defeat into victory, breaking through various difficulties to achieve brilliant success, and thus moving toward the new China and going to the world. On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China, in order to further remember the party's initial aspiration and mission and learn to practice the revolutionary spirit, the students of thematic training course on teacher's ethics and teaching ability improvement of Beijing Sport University arrived at Zedong Cadre College of Yan'an University on July 4, and began a five-day patriotism and revolutionary tradition education.

Before the opening ceremony in the afternoon, the students went to the Yan'an University History Museum to visit and study. Through a series of pictures and texts, the students deeply felt the efforts of the party and state leaders for higher education, and the outstanding contributions of countless revolutionaries and educators to cultivate talents. Subsequently, the opening ceremony was held in a warm atmosphere. Liang Yan, the party committee secretary of the Physical Education School of Yan'an University, introduced the glorious history and brilliant achievements of Yan'an University and the development of physical education in Yan'an University, and affirmed the deep feelings established by the long-term cooperation between Yan'an University and Beijing Sport University. On behalf of all the students, Mr. Yin Zefeng, from graduate school of Beijing Sport University, expressed the gratitude for the strong support of Yan'an University, and took over the red flag in the hands of Secretary Liang Yan in the flag-giving ceremony and kicked off the red tour.

Yan’an University History Museum

Flag-Giving Of the Opening Ceremony

After the opening ceremony, the students listened to the report of Vice President Gao Fenglin of the Zedong Cadre College—"Thirteen Years of The Party Central Committee in Yan’an". Through the affectionate and eloquent speech by Vice President Gao, it seemed that the students have returned to the thirteen memorable years of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China in northern Shaanxi and Yan'an from 1935 to 1948. In the same frequency resonance with the historical pulse, everyone was more deeply aware that the People’s Republic of China would haven’t transformed from disintegration and destitution to prosperity and happiness without firm ideals and convictions and strong revolutionary, so CPC can be rescued from a desperate situation resurrect, and always bounce back to create miracle, and become the world's largest ruling party with more than 90 million members. After listening to the report, the students were very excited and said that they would like to follow the general secretary that they will never forget where they come from, and they must always draw wisdom and strength from the history of the revolution, and try their best to contribute to education and sports power with the spirit of “Always Striving to Fulfill Our Mission”.

             The picture above shows a report by Professor Gao Fenglin

On the evening of the same day, the students gathered in the Luyao Report Hall of Yan'an University. Under the leadership of Professor Cheng Qin of Yan'an University, they further learned about the folk song culture of northern Shaanxi and learned to sing Yanan revolutionary songs. In the class, Professor Cheng used the vivid language to tell the historical culture and moving stories behind the folk songs in northern Shaanxi, and interpret many small tunes with local characteristics with a sonorous and beautiful voice. Students were taught to sing revolutionary songs in a rich and lively form of education, and felt the revolutionary spirit and tenacious will be shown in the song, so that the students quickly integrated into the sacred red atmosphere of Yan'an on the first day of arrival in Yan'an.

        The students of the training class and Professor Cheng Qin

From July 5th to July 8th, the students visited the revolutionary site of Yan'an for study. In the historical footprints, they touched the faith and remembered the original aspiration, accumulating strength for building china a country strong on sports.

In the School Graduates Hall, the students followed the historical footprints and relived the stories of Beijing educated youths such as Xi Jinping and Wang Qishan from Tiananmen Square to Baota Mountain. They worked cautiously and conscientiously and quietly devote in the hard working life in rural areas, and went from the loess land to the front lines of the motherland through their unremitting struggle to make outstanding achievements for the country's construction.

The group photo of students at the School Graduates Hall

In Liangjiahe Village, Yanchuan County, Yan'an City, where General Secretary Xi Jinping went to work before, the students visited the former residence of educated youth and listened to the on-site teaching brought by Professor Wang Dongwei of Yan'an University—"Educated Youth Emotion, Educated Youth Reason, Educated Youth Soul". They also got a close-up view of “doing it in the real place and walking in the forefront” of the educated youth years of General Secretary Xi’s work in Liangjiahe. In Professor Wang’s emotional narrative, the students deeply felt that General Secretary Xi’s heart was with the people, and overcome difficulties to do practical things and do good things for the local people. Everyone said that they should learn from General Secretary Xi and use pragmatic actions to interpret the communists' initial aspiration and missions, and strive to become good party members and good teachers who want to and are competent to do things and do well in work.

The students listening to the on-site teaching in Liangjiahe

In the Yan'an Revolutionary Memorial Hall, thousands of pictures, cultural relics, sculptures and other exhibits vividly reproduce the glorious history of the Chinese revolution in the Yan'an and Shaanxi-Gansu-Ningxia border areas in the 13 years from October 1935 to March 1948, so that the students gained a more comprehensive understanding of the party's leadership and command of the War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression and the War of Liberation and the process of laying solid foundation for the People's Republic, and more deeply understood the profound connotation of the "Yan'an Spirit."

The group photo of students at the Yan'an Revolutionary Memorial Hall

In addition to visiting the revolutionary site and the memorial hall, the students also watched the historical musical drama "Yan'an Nursery School". This red classic musical drama, which combines history, nationality, artistry and innovation, vividly reproduced the story of Yan'an Nursery School established for the protection of children during the Anti-Japanese War. Through dance, folk songs, Yangko and other artistic expressions with local characteristics, the students experienced the humanistic feelings of the party caring for children and serving the people.

Stage photo of the musical drama "Yan'an Nursery School"

"There is a pagoda in Yan’an, standing on the high mountains; towering into the clouds, the spires points to the sky; the red sun shines in the snow, and the people look up at it." Comrade Chen Yi used Yan'an Pagoda as a symbol of the modern Chinese revolution under the leadership of the Communist Party of China in "Yan'an Pagoda Song" . During the Yan'an trip, the students climbed the Baota Mountain with great excitement and relived the party's oath on the mountain, further remembering the vows, firming the faith, remembering the initial aspiration, urging and motivating themselves to fulfill their mission and obligations, and to be an excellent communist.

The students relive the party’s oath on the Baota Mountain.

In addition, the students also visited the revolution site of Zaoyuan, the Wangjiaping site, the revolutionary site of Yangjialing, the Luyi site, the April 8th Martyrs Cemetery, News Memorial, Central Northwest Bureau Memorial Hall and Learning College, and listened to the thematic teaching and special reports including "The Model of the Party Member Cadre—Mao Anying", "The Spirit of Bethune", "Mao Zedong Huang Yanpei's Talking on Periodic Law of History ", "Yan'an Spirit and Its Value of Times". Through rich and diverse learning and education activities, the students touched the imprint of history at a close distance and relived the initial aspiration and mission of millions of Chinese Communists to seek happiness and renewal for the Chinese people and Chinese nation with their lives and ardor.

At the closing ceremony, Wang Lijuan, a teacher of the School of Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation, Li Jian, a teacher of Sports Coaching College, and Wu Guobin, a teacher of school of Marxism, spoke as representatives of the students about their feelings. They talked about change, affection, and gains, and unanimously stated that they would inherit and carry forward the "Yanan spirit" in the future, face the future work with dedication, always adhere to the professional ethics of the teachers, do the most ordinary things in a down-to-earth manner, and make the greatest contribution to the cause of physical education.

Issuing a certificate of completion for the student

Although the 8-day training life was short, it left a very memorable and profound memory for the students. Ge Yang, a returned overseas teacher from the School of Psychology, said emotionally, "I have benefited a lot from this training. At Shaanxi Normal University, the teachers are willing to be ordinary and unyielding, full of teaching enthusiasm and the teaching idea “focusing on student”, which make me sincerely admire. In Yan'an, we are touched by the independent and arduous revolutionary spirit of the older generation of revolutionaries and contemporary leaders and the living examples of serving the people wholeheartedly. As a people's teacher in the new era, we should inherit the revolutionary tradition and strive for the great cause of the Chinese great rejuvenation!" Su Hao, a teacher of School of Sport Science, said with emotion, “This study life has made me clear the standards and methods of becoming a teacher who makes the students satisfied from the teacher's ethics and profession, and also set a new navigation mark for my future teacher career. I will use what I have learned, thought, and realized as soon as possible in my class, teach well every student, and be a competent teacher.” Wang Nianci, a teacher at the China Football College, said, "I want to take this training as a new starting point. In the work, I will take the lead, work hard, be down-to-earth, forge ahead, persist in learning while doing and doing while learning, and truly put the 'Yanan spirit' and advanced education concepts in the heart and practice, in order to strive to be a qualified educator.”

The group photo of the students on the Baota Mountain

Comrade Mao Zedong pointed out that "North Shaanxi is two points: one is the stopping point and the other is the starting point." At the same time, this trip to Shaanxi is not only the "stopping point" to guide the teachers looking back to the coming road and return to the heart of the real thought, but also the "starting point" for leading teachers to look forward to the road ahead and reorganize their outfits. On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China, the school organized teachers to go to Shaanxi for training on the themes of teacher’s ethics and teaching ability, which embodies the ideological concept of "teacher’s ethics is the first and ability is the core", and it is a powerful measure to further strengthen the construction of teacher’s ethics and improve teachers' teaching ability. Entering the new era, a greater cause is waiting for us to struggle, and a more brilliant tomorrow is waiting for us to create. All the students will turn the great revolutionary spirit and advanced teaching ideas into an inexhaustible driving force, transform the original aspiration and missions into a conscious action of practical hard work, and strive to use the noble teacher’s ethics and superb teaching skills to untiringly struggle for cultivating qualified builders and reliable successors of the socialist modernization cause.