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Never Stop Learning Although the School is Closed: Online Courses

On February 17, 2020, the online teaching of postgraduate courses of Beijing Sport University started as scheduled. 182 courses are taught online and 22 school offered 269 courses times, of which 203 are postgraduate courses, 66 are doctoral courses; the online learning is participated by 7890 person times, among which 7594 are in postgraduate courses and 296 are in doctoral courses.

The online teaching is conducted in three forms: online live teaching, online and offline mixed teaching, and WeChat group discussion, in which:

144 courses (69.2%) are taught by means of live online teaching. In terms of teaching platform, most of the teachers adopt the "Rain Classroom+N" method. While adopting Rain Classroom, many teachers also use variety of other platforms, including Tencent Meeting, ZOOM and WeChat Video. During the course of teaching, interactive teaching functions such as screen sharing and voice discussion are opened for promoting the interactive communication between teachers and students; 6 courses (2.9%) adopt the on-line and off-line mixed teaching method. By making full use of high-quality online resources selected from MOOC for Chinese college and universities, open video courses from Icourses and other platforms and through combing the "Teaching video + Question discussion + Interactive communication", our teachers effectively expanded the "space-time resources" for teaching and therefore, made students to think and exchange ideas more frequently and access to more information, which solved the issue of unable teaching and learning in school in this special period; 32 courses (15.4%) actively carry out inquiry-based learning method. In addition to establishing WeChat course group, Teachers will also provide learning materials, the latest scientific research literature and specified learning and reading requirements in WeChat group, Baidu Cloud and other platforms in advance. Students are required to read the literature carefully and complete the homework as required, as well as interact and carry out in-depth discussions around the teaching content in discussion area actively.

This special school season is continuing, however, no matter where you are at the moment, we will be closely linked by online teaching; all the good things are worth waiting for, we will wait for you in the Xiaoqing River!