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The International Experimental Class of Snow and Ice Resort Management, School of Business, BSU, Which Located Within the Tropic of Cancer

With the deepening development of globalization, it is crucial to have an international vision. Beijing Sport University attaches great importance to globalization, supports and helps students to acquire leading skills and cutting-edge knowledge from international exchange activities, so as to experience multi-cultures, establish innovative thinking and explore unlimited potential, as well as show the outstanding images and blooming brilliantly of the youth of China in the new era on global stage. From a long time ago, especially after the outbreak of the novel coronavirus pneumonia, under the unified leadership and deployment of the University Party Committee, both functional departments including the Office of Teaching Affairs, the Office of Student Affairs, the Office of International Exchange Affairs, the Graduate School and the School of Business have been paying more and more attention to the physical and mental health, as well as study and livelihood progress of students studying aboard. In addition to including the epidemic prevention requirements of both teachers and students into daily activities, they also protected the safe of students during the process of studying and exchanging in a timely manner, which ensured the smooth and orderly implement of various international exchange activities of the University.

The international experimental class of Snow and Ice Resort Management of the School of Business is a joint undergraduate training program between Beijing Sport University and the Lapland University of Applied Science of Finland. In September 2018, 13 students from the experimental class went to Finland to study international ski resort management related courses and the advanced concepts and technologies of Finland. At present, the learning exchanges has entered the final stage. Facing with the worldwide outbreak of novel coronavirus, both the University and the School are highly concerned about the students who are still studying abroad. Many video meetings have been held to discuss the situation and prevention measures carried out in Finland in details, the University concerns about the healthy, learning and living conditions of each student and actively cheers up the students, as well as tried the best to solve any problems may be encountered by students. While becoming more self-disciplined and self-reliant, those students are also supporting the anti-epidemic efforts of China, the University and Finland with their practical actions and responding to the concerns from their teachers, relatives and friends positively.

We have benefited greatly from the teaching model of Finland. Working together with classmates from multi-countries in group assignments has rapidly improved our spoken English and brought us an international perspective; surprise examinations that frequently carried out make us always be strict with self-discipline and always review our study at each stage from critical and rational view. There numbers of courses are few but a lot of class hours are quired, and almost every course is combined with sustainable development, entrepreneurship and long-term prospects. Each course is taught by different teachers and government and business executives are frequently invited to make lecture and explanation for us. This kind of course setting mode enables us to have a long-term vision and to develop the habit of thinking about problems from multiple angles.


Research study is also an extremely important part of course setting in Finland. We visited the Olympic Training Center in Rovaniemi, met the coaches of Olympic athletes and learned all aspects about local special sports. We also went to Levy to investigate the operation of the holding site of the International Ski Federation Slalom World Championship, the Levi Skiing Resort, Elves Hideaway, etc., to experience the charm of skiing and the difficulties in their operation through lectures, observations and interviews; Based on the perspective of different populations, we learned a lot from their organization, marketing, management and other specific measures.


Our course also includes the teaching of cross-country skiing and alpine skiing. The skiing teaching system of Finland is conducted step by step, which is quite friendly to beginners and you will not feel laborious if follows their teaching paces. After mastered the technical essentials little by little, we gradually conquered our fear of skiing and found the new self in the snow.


In the past two years, our skiing ability has improved rapidly and some of us even have obtained the qualification certificate for skiing coach in Finland. Skiing has become our favorite sport. In our spare times, we like to go to major ski resorts in Finland together and enjoy the pleasure of skiing while studying on the spot.

At present, most of Finnish colleges and universities have stopped teaching offline and adopted online video teaching caused by the outbreak of novel coronavirus. As for us, rather than relaxing and slacking off, studying at home means a good chance for us to enrich ourselves and explore new areas. Compared with the past times, all other activities of us have been canceled and we have more quiet time to study on our graduation thesis. We discuss and supervise the progress of each other through videos and feedback the results to teachers together with our questions through email and Skype on a regularly base. In the meanwhile, we also follow up with domestic online courses to study the Situation & Policy and the public course of epidemic prevention and control, which enable us to obtain deeper understandings through combining the theory with current events. The outbreak of novel coronavirus may stop us from traveling, but will by no means stop our desire for studying.

The ski resort where I participated during my internship is Saariselkski & Sport Resort. As a comprehensive destination featured with aurora viewing and ice and snow experiencing, Saariselkski & Sport Resort attracts a huge number of travelers all over the world every year, including Chinese. During the internship, I took part in a series of work, such as snowboarder reception, maintenance and maintenance of ski equipment, marketing towards China, etc., which deepened my understanding on operation and management of the ski resort and benefited greatly. I also made a micro-video using material taken during the internship to show my internship.


(Screenshot from the video about Liu Zhentao's internship)

The correct understanding on prevention and control of the novel coronavirus weakened our fear towards this disease and although we are staying in a foreign country, the caring from the University and friends made us feel heartwarming and sureness. Guidance and directions from teachers protected us from being confused about the future. No matter how far we are parted from, no matter how great the difficulties and challenges we are facing, we will always stay together, study and live positively. We believe that a great future is waiting for us after all. Hereby, we once again sincerely thank for the leadership and teachers of Beijing Sport University, our parents, friends and everyone who has helped and cared about us!