Graduate Study

The postgraduate education of Beijing Sport University began in 1953. It is the earliest institution to train postgraduate students majoring in physical education, the first institution to award the doctoral degree and the master's degree in the national sports system and also the first school approved by the Academic Degrees Office of the State Council to recruit doctoral and postgraduate students overseas. In order to meet the needs of the development of postgraduate education, Beijing Sport University established a Graduate School with the approval of the General Administration of Sport of China in December 2002. This marked that the postgraduate education of Beijing Sport University entered a new stage.

Beijing Sport University has been recruiting postgraduates since 1953, and has now trained more than 15,000 doctoral and master students. While cultivating domestic senior sports talents, the school has gradually increased the efforts to recruit foreign students and students from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. By June 2018, the school had enrolled 112 doctoral students and 124 postgraduate students from foreign countries, and 114 doctoral students and 132 postgraduates from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan.

At present, Beijing Sport University has a total of four disciplines, namely, law, education, medicine and management. It has the right to confer doctoral degrees in the first-level discipline of physical education. It has the right to confer a master's degree in the first-level disciplines of Marxist theory, psychology, clinical medicine, and public administration. Beijing Sport University has the right to confer a master's degree in sports, journalism and communication, and art (dance). Beijing Sport University has also been approved to set up a post-doctoral research station for physical education.

The postgraduate enrollment categories of Beijing Sport University include the enrollment of postgraduate students (including separate exams, undergraduate students with exemption of examinations, and master's minority backbone programs), postgraduate champion class and doctoral students (including doctoral minority backbone programs); the enrollment of domestic senior visiting scholars (including general visiting scholars and young backbone teachers); the enrollment of postgraduate and doctoral students of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions; and the enrollment of postgraduate and doctoral students of foreign countries.

Beijing Sport University has a strong faculty, complete disciplines and high academic standards. There are more than 240 master tutors and nearly 90 doctoral tutors. The postgraduate education of Beijing Sport University is a place that sports elites yearn for, attracting outstanding sports talents at home and abroad. At present, there are more than 3,200 postgraduates in Beijing Sport University.

Beijing Sport University strengthens joint education at home and abroad, while doing a good job in cultivating students. At present, BSU has implemented joint education, short-term study and credit transfer system with foreign universities and research institutions. Each year, the school selects students to participate in the postgraduate program sponsored by the China Scholarship Council. In 2018, the school strengthened the international training of postgraduates and selected students to study in more than ten countries including the United States, Britain and France. At the same time, BSU also signed an agreement with the University of Hong Kong and the Macao Polytechnic University for joint education. In order to strengthen international cooperation and exchanges, the school has established a cooperative relationship with universities in South Korea, Japan and Russia.

At present, the school comprehensively deepens comprehensive reforms, adheres to the four principles of “world vision, international standards, Chinese characteristics, and high-point positioning", focuses on talent cultivation and performs high-end, continuous, international and synergistic education to comprehensively improve the education quality and efficiency and strive to achieve the goal of being a domestic leading and internationally advanced world-class sports university.

Doctoral cultivation

Beijing Sport University is the earliest institution to award a doctoral degree of the first-level discipline of physical education in China. The school adheres to the concept of high-end, thorough, international and synergistic training, highlights the status of the talent cultivation center, bases on its characteristics, adheres to the "three-in-one" mode of education, training and scientific research, and focuses on cultivating the scientific research ability, academic innovation ability and international level of doctoral students, so as to cultivate academic leaders, scientific and technological innovation talents, industry leaders, pioneers and other top-notch innovative talents who lead the scientific and technological innovation in related fields and the development of professional fields with a global perspective.

Master cultivation

In order to deepen the comprehensive reform of postgraduate education, BSU promotes the classified training of postgraduates. In the cultivation of academic postgraduates, the school aims to improve their ability to innovate and apply knowledge, focuses on the systematic research and training of postgraduates, strengthens the innovation ability training, and supports postgraduates to participate in cutting-edge academic research activities and participate in high-level international exchange learning to broaden their academic horizons and stimulate their innovative thinking, thus cultivating research-oriented high-level talents. The cultivation of students with professional degree is oriented to improving the professional ability and satisfying the professional needs of sports and other majors. The school cultivates the comprehensive quality for professional positions, forms a training mode of industry-university-research cooperation, guides and encourages industry enterprises to participate in talent training in an all-round way, and strengthens the practical application ability of professional degree graduates, thus cultivating application-oriented high-level talents.

Postgraduate course construction

In order to explore new teaching models, the school started the revision of postgraduate training program in 2017. In accordance with national standards and social needs, the school continues to promote academic moral education, optimize scientific ethics and academic integrity education courses, and integrate and condense to form a sharable professional foundation course. Based on the content system of the specific research direction (professional field) under the second-level discipline, the school focuses on transforming scientific research results into teaching content, so as to further diversify, extend and polish the professional direction curriculum. At present, the school has started the construction of postgraduate core curriculum, optimized the postgraduate curriculum system, and improved the quality of postgraduate courses.

International training of postgraduates

Based on the trend of talents and technology competition in the global perspective, the school expands the schooling thought, actively connects with the national strategy, establishes a high-level talents global competitiveness training awareness, and introduces international standards for the training of professional talents. In addition, the school actively plans and explores the training in overseas campus, exchange learning course identification, joint training programs, international cooperation research projects, overseas internships, internships in international sports organization, foreign expert lectures, international academic forums, and other forms of multi-disciplinary international training channels, methods and models. The school focuses on improving the internationalization level of postgraduates in the scientific research of frontier domains, the professional development of professional field and the technical services of key areas (Olympics and Healthy China Strategy).

In 2018, the school promoted 18 postgraduate internationalization training projects, including 3 projects of the China Scholarship Council and 15 intercollegiate international exchange and credit transfer projects. In 2018, the school sent more than 160 postgraduates to study in famous universities in the United States, Britain, Ireland, Australia, Spain, Canada, the Czech Republic, and Lithuania. In 2019, the school will continue to increase support for the international training of postgraduates, and select outstanding postgraduates to go overseas universities to expand their academic horizons and improve the quality of postgraduate training.

Champion class

In 2003, Beijing Sport University was approved by the Ministry of Education as the only university in China that can recruit world champions and coaches for postgraduate programs with exemption from the examination (referred to as “champion class”). At present, the "champion class" has recruited 330 people, including 80 Olympic champions (in postgraduate champion class by June 2018), 169 world champions and 81 champion coaches. Since 2009, with the support of the China Scholarship Council, the school selects the champion class students to study at famous foreign universities such as the University of Wisconsin, the University of Minnesota and the University of North Carolina to explore a new model for the overseas training of high-level sports talents.

Postgraduate innovation and practice

The school innovates the teaching mode, improves the professional skills of postgraduates, encourages postgraduates to actively participate in various innovative practice activities, vigorously promotes the funding system for postgraduate academic activities, sets up innovative scientific research projects of postgraduates, and actively participates in academic activities at home and abroad. The school actively promotes the construction of postgraduate practice bases, strives to build postgraduate research and practice platforms, strengthens the cooperation with schools, research institutes, sports organizations, enterprises and institutions, and cultivates and improves postgraduates' problem-solving skills, teamwork skills and skill levels.