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Practice research of the French Experimental Class in Saint-Gervais

On August 30, 2018, six students from the French Experimental Class of the School of International Sports Organization, Beijing Sport University, under the leadership of Teacher Zhou Ying, went to Saint-Gervais for practice research.

Saint-Gervais is a small town in Sallanches, southeast of France. The village is famous for its natural hot springs and its beautiful mountain snow scene. It has a ski trail of 450km, which is known as the third largest ski trail in France. The geographic position is perfect, providing a natural site for various sports events and activities. Through activities such as Biathlon, paragliding, skiing, ice hockey, mountain biking, and hiking, infinite vitality has been injected into this town, and relevant internship positions are provided for the students of the French Experimental Class in sports, allowing them to feel the charm of sports.

In the morning of August 31, under the leadership of Mr. Didier, the Director of the local Tourism Bureau, 7 persons from the French Experimental Class of Beijing Sport University took the cable car to the summit of Mont d’arbois (elevation 1850m). The temperature at the top of the mountain was only a few degrees in summer. The day was drizzling, and Mont Blanc (Europe’s highest peak) was shrouded, but our teachers and students were still enthusiastic. They listened carefully to the staff’s explanation, and received some T-shirts and commemorative caps from the Director as presents.

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(Teachers and students were visiting the tablet of introduction on mountain top)

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After going down the mountain, they went to the local Tourism Bureau by car and visited it. The day was the first day of the Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc (UTMB). Saint-Gervais was the first leg of the race. All the staff of the Tourism Bureau arranged the track for the players in the evening in an orderly way. Their enthusiasm inspired us again and made us feel the charm of the sport competition.

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After a short break, Teacher Zhou Ying discussed with Mr. Didier on the agreement of the internship of BSU students in France.


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In just two days of practice research, each of our students felt the friendliness and kindness of the local people, and felt the heavy responsibility of China-French cultural exchange. They gained a lot. At the beginning of the new semester, all of the students in the French Experimental Class will cherish the opportunity of one-year exchange in France, participate in more meaningful internships, and strive to make excellent achievements and become bilingual talents in sports.

September 1, 2018

                                                 Photo: Yao Hanjie

Text: Yao Hanjie