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The Athletes’ Apartment Complex

The athletes’ apartments, 25,500 square meters in area, consists of Block A and B, and is equipped with 345 double standard rooms, 10 suites and 10 single rooms. With a capacity of holding 500 people, the restaurant is located on the first floor of Block A with separate Chinese, Western and the Muslim dining rooms. The apartment complex also has meeting rooms, physical therapy rehabilitation rooms, outpatient pharmacy, athletes’ shops, laundries, a multi-function hall and an underground car park with 88 parking spaces.
The athletes’ apartments and the restaurants are all equipped with simple and generous design, fancy decorations, complete function, well-equipped facilities, 8 elevators, central air conditioning system, cable television system, campus network system, automatic fire alarm system, automatic spraying fire-extinguishing system, security monitoring system, entrance guard system and other modern equipment. And it also has high-quality facilities of accommodation, catering, rehabilitation physiotherapy, cultural learning, conferences and other exchanges as well as recreational and environmental conditions.

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