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National Teams Training Center

The Supporting Facilities of Training Venues

The Beijing Sport University National Training Center Complex is supported by the Assisted Training Hall, the Fitness Training Hall, the Dance Training Room, the Therapy Rehabilitation Centre as well as the Teaching and Research Office. Among them, the Assisted Training Hall is 3,061 square meters; the Fitness Training Hall,  is 1,392 square meters, equipped with multifunctional professional training equipment and comprehensive fitness facilities; the Dance Training Room occupies 300 square meters; the Teaching and Research Office, of 3,144 square meters, consists of Coaches’ Offices, Technique Room, Technical Video Analysis Room, Doping Control Room, Exhibition Area, Grand Meeting Room, Dance Room and Music Production Room; the Therapy Rehabilitation, of 3,396 square meters divides into No.1and No.2 Therapy Rehabilitation rooms and the Reception Area.

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